Jon Gabriel used to weigh over 400 lbs and he spent years of his life dieting and regaining the weight, spending thousands with Dr. Atkins and continually forcing himself to lose weight only to gain it back and even more.  He took it on as his mission to figure out why his body wanted to be fat.

He attended Wharton school of Business, studying biochemistry while he was there.  He also studied at the VA hospital in Philadelphia.  He has researched and read hundreds of research reports, learning everything he could about biochemistry, neurobiology, psychology, nutrition, and much more.  He also studies meditation, neuro and psycho linguistics, field of consciousness research and even quantum physics.  Even more importantly he started studying  his own body.

What he found is quite remarkable and his own weight loss is just one example of it working.  He lost over 200 lbs in 2 1/2 years.

I am not usually one to write about something personally unproven, especially when it comes to diet and health, but I really want to document this process so I don’t forget everything I’m learning.

I am feeling really great and enjoying the new foods that I am trying.  I am generally in a better mood and sleeping really well.  This after only a week with just the smallest of diet changes.

This is a really new program so there isn’t a lot of information about it our there.  I am very curious about the process and the outcomes and hope that sharing my experiences will be helpful to others exploring this approach.

It also includes incorporating a lot of new foods that I was generally unfamiliar with, so creating and sharing recipes will be fun.

How I Found The Gabriel Method

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I have tried all the regular tricks (a.k. fad diets and cleanses) in my bag as well as three months of simply reducing and logging my calories and increasing my exercise level significantly. With all that I have still not lost one pound since the initial weight came off after Ian was born almost two years ago. I haven’t gained weight either, it just won’t budge. Every time I get on the scale, it is just the same thing over and over again.

Something is keeping my body just where it is no matter what I do, so I started doing some research on other ways of looking at the diet and weight loss issue.

I believe that when ideas or topics present themselves to you, especially from a couple of different directions, it means that I need to explore that topic more.

Acai Berry Supplements

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I have been taking an Acai supplement for about 6 months now and I will tout its benefits all over town, but let’s get one thing perfectly clear…

This is not a diet drug. If you believe that crap about losing 40 pounds by just taking a pill then you are an idiot, just like I was.

So, Why is Acai so great?

The Gabriel Method – After Week 1

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After just more than one week on the month one plan plus adding the recommended foods where appropriate, I am already seeing my cravings change. Less Diet Coke, more water and the other day we took the kids to ice cream in the afternoon and I didn’t even feel like having something sweet. I more wanted some cheese and bread, maybe some olives. Now, I did have the ice cream and it’s not like cheese and bread is so great for you, but that change in craving is a big one for me. I have always wanted something sweet.

Now, a few days later, I don’t really want to eat the breads at all. Last night we had garlic shrimp and pasta and I couldn’t even bring myself to eat the very small amount of pasta I put on my plate and today I took the kids to lunch and nothing really sounded good and I ended up tearing most of the bread off my meal and eating out just the center.

The Gabriel Method – Some Basic Nutrition

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One of the first things The Gabriel Method encourages is eating a large breakfast to get your day going. Like all other meals using this approach, breakfast should include a good source of protein, omega 3 and live foods. You should also take a digestive enzyme capsule before eating to help with digestion.

So, let’s break these down a little.

Wilted Salad – Gabriel Method Recipe

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I have been exploring new foods and ways of eating as part of the Gabriel Method.

This salad has become my favorite lunch. It is hearty and filling, dare I say comforting, and chock full of nutrition.

Gabriel Method – After Week 2

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I really really want to weigh myself. I can’t help it, the scale just calls to me. I have put it away, but just because it is put away doesn’t mean I can’t go and dig it out. It is only the thought that I may get on the scale and that same number will still be there that is keeping me from it.

Poached Eggs on Toast – Gabriel Method Breakfast

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When I was little my mom used to make me poached eggs when I had an upset stomach. It has become of form of comfort food for me.

The problem is that poaching eggs in water is messy and kinda smelly and a good portion of the egg white is lost to the spinning web of egg white strings (yuck). Yet, poached eggs are still my favorite way to eat eggs and when I started The Gabriel Method and knew I was going to need to eat more eggs, making poached eggs easy was a must.

The Gabriel Method – End of Month 1

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Let’s get real here. I feel weak. I doubt my ability to do this and I am self sabotaging like you would not believe. Yet one more thing that terrifies me. I am so tired of being afraid. I don’t even know what I am so damn scared of. I just walk around wallowing in my own fear.

Gabriel Method Forum

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So after that particularly negative and self loathing post about my progress, I went looking for a support forum.

A New Day

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It’s a funny thing about fear. Sometimes when you say it out loud and face it directly it recedes and sometimes even dissapears all together.

I would like to thank everyone for the unexpected and very much appreciated outpouring of support. Your words of encouragement made a really bad day a whole lot better and gave me the confidence to push past it. Thank-you.

I wish I could say my fear is gone forever, but alas that simply isn’t how it is in this case. But, by owning my weaknesses I have come to understand them a little better and can now move forward with my eyes open.

The Gabriel Method – Week 6

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After over a week of rededicating myself to The Gabriel Method, I am feeling better and better about it.

Dealing With Emotional Weight Issues

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After the events of the past week I have come to determine that my frustration over my lack of measurable progress (a.k.a. weight loss) really comes down to the fact that I am jumping the gun. As long as I have all this emotional baggage the weight will not come off, no matter what I do.

The Gabriel Method – I Love My Body

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Every year (for the past 15) over the Memorial Day weekend, a large group of friends from college go camping (if you can really call it that) at Banks Lake in eastern Washington. This year we had the best weather ever, 80s and sunny and perfect every day. It has never been better.

The problem with this was that I knew it was coming. Karli is kinda weather obsessed so we were watching the weather starting like 2 weeks before hand. Now how could knowing we were going to have beautiful weather the whole weekend be bad? It meant I needed to buy a bathing suit.

The Gabriel Method – Divine Love

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Over this last week I have been noticing some subtle, yet important, changes in the way I feel. Because the emotional and self perception issues are so huge for me, I have vowed not to weigh myself or even measure myself until October. I am letting go of numbered results and concentrating on how I feel and healing myself.

The Gabriel Method – I Love Salad

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I love salad. I think one reason that this eating plan works so well for me is that I love salad. I eat at least one, if not two, large salads a day. I’m lucky that my husband loves salad too.

I have been experimenting with different toppings and styles of salad, but for most meals it is pretty much the same.

The Gabriel Method – End of Month 2

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I picked up my Gabriel Method book this morning to reread some of the nutritional stuff as I have been concentrating on my mental health and identifying and eradicating my emotional blockage. I was looking through the monthly plans and nutritional information and realized that I am already doing everything in month 3, just naturally without thinking about it. How cool is that?

Big Salad – Gabriel Method Recipe

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I think I mentioned in my I love Salad post that my husband and I have been really enjoying what we call the “Big Salad”. We have this for dinner once a week now and giggle about past Seinfeld episodes (did you catch the reference?).

I find it funny that without even trying to convince him, my husband is fully on board with whatever I put in front of him these days. This one is a big hit though, so I thought I would share.

Shrimp and Spinach Salad w/ Cider Vinaigrette – Recipe

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I have really been enjoying my new world of salads. Although most of the time I stick to the basics, I have found some really great more creative offerings as well. Nothing boring about this little number.

The Gabriel Method – The Strangest Things

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This process never ceases to amaze me. The weirdest stuff is happening to me. I squarely chalk this up to the fact that I must have had some serious stuff built up in my system as well as a significant amount of emotional blockage.

The Gabriel Method – July Results – Photos

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Well, nothing earth shattering here but I thought it might be time that I post some photos. This is really hard for me, putting myself out there for the world to look at, but what the hey — here we go.

My nuu-muu Fits!

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So, the story goes, it was laundry day and 106 degrees out and I needed something to throw on so I could wash my very limited supply of clothing appropriate for such a heat wave. I look up and there it is, hanging in my closet, just where it has been since the day it arrived. What the hey? and I put it on…


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I know that I have mentioned this maybe even several times in the past, but I just can’t get over how powerful it is when the same information comes at me from several unrelated sources. This always confirms for me that I am on the right track. Lately this phenomena is happening everywhere I look and so gives me confidence that although I sometimes feel like I am dangling from a hook, struggling to find solid ground as life zooms past me, everything is happening as it should and it helps me to trust myself and allow myself to be present to the changes happening in my life.

Where The Hell Have Your Been?

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After several people have left very nice comments, but are also wondering what has happened to me and why I haven’t written anything in a while, I decided it is time for an update.

I Finally Made the Mental Shift

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Extreme Fat Loss and The Diet Solution

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I believe that these two programs combined are a powerful match and will produce amazing results for me and you as well.

Here are both the Products for you to take a look at.

Extreme Fat Loss Diet

Joel is still offering $30 off during the pre-sale, but this will end in the next day or so.

The Diet Solution

This is an audio/video presentation so make sure you have your speakers on :)

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