In the last reading the Pages and Knights warned me what to look out for, but they are also very good at delivering news about messages that may be coming.   This reading will examine what those messages might be and from whom?

The Layout

This card uses the Page and Knight of each suit, the Fool 0 and the World X

Shuffle the cards, concentrating on the question.  When you feel the cards are done, deal them out one at a time until you turn over the Fool or the World then stop.

The Question: What message will I receive?

The Spread

  1. Page Swords
  2. Knight Swords
  3. XXI World

The Answer

A clear and definitive message is being sent right now that will renew your enthusiasm and motivation.

Wow, that would be nice!

The Cards

Page of Swords

My Take*: Young woman, strong eyes, fancy hat.  armored yet beautiful, hard yet refined.

The Card: Curious and fervently seeking knowledge yet scattered and unfocused.  An idea in its infancy.  Focus your energy on gaining knowledge about the situation through messages containing information.

Knight of Swords

My Take*: The knights horse is a pegasus taking flight.  This is echoed through the wings on his helmet.  This card is swift and a little reckless.

The Card: The winged horse represents the flight of the mind and the potential of the minds capabilities.   Intensely focused on the goal, so much so that tolerance and patience go out the window.  This is a card of action.  Patience and determined focus are needed for success.

XXI World

My Take: The coming together of all the elements to bring about the conclusion of something.  The culmination of lessons learned leading to a new cycle.

The Card: The end and the beginning.  We see things as they are.  Enlightenment.   Transformation. Wholeness.  Being aware of your limitations.


This book is fun and silly and sometimes enlightening in its reading, but lets not kid ourselves that it is the most serious or thorough of interpretations.

I do find these cards very interesting though.  If you look at them as a classic three card spread with past present and future represented then they are very encouraging.    I have always know there was great potential for me, but have never been able to focus enough to fully explore it.  I have been scattered and distracted.

All the work I have been doing has seemed to come together around this ability to focus and the meaning behind why I can’t and what I can do to reprogram my way of thinking about my goals and success and/or failure.  The combination of my work at therapy and the upcoming Forum Advanced Course give me ample opportunity to improve this situation dramatically.

The goal is wholeness and transformation.  The presence of the World card leads me to believe that this goal is a real possibility.

* When I am first learning a card, the my take section is only based on what I can see in the card and not based in any foundation or previous knowledge.  Do not use these descriptions as being anywhere near the truth.

This reading will use the same cards as Reading 12 and addresses the locations that I will be happiest living and working.

The Setup

For this reading we will be using the following cards..

The King and Queen of Each Suit
0 Fool
XXI World

Shuffle the cards, concentrating on the question. When done dealing, deal out the top card and each consecutive card until you reach either the Fool or the World.

The Question: Where will I be happiest living?

The Deal
Queen of Coins
King of Cups
King of Wands
XXI World

The Answer

You will be happiest up in the hills, somewhere where no one can reach you. Consider heading back east. You will live in the place of your dreams.

The Cards

Queen of Coins

My take: A woman in a green dress, she is in the forest and carrying flowers. Nature is prevalent. She is wearing a crown of coins. This woman enjoys nature and the luxuries of life. She looks off into the distance instead of at us, seeming to mean she would like to be elsewhere.

The card: The queen of coins has a great appreciation for the finer things in life. She nurtures others as well as herself and enjoys creating a beautiful, serene and loving environment for the ones she loves.

King of Cups

My take: The King has strong sensitive eyes. There is a large cup in front of him surrounded by the crashing waves of the ocean. It’s like he expects something from you, like he wants the best from you. Very fatherly.

The card: The king of cups is in charge of taking all the deepest emotions and intuitions and turning them into concrete actions. He is an emotional counselor or mediator. You need to take charge of your emotional life and communicate your feelings.

King of Wands

My take: I can’t get over the crown on this guy. It is garish and imposing and kinda scary with its spikes and size. His eyes are powerful and he has a set determination that cannot be ignored. It’s like he is staring you down, waiting for you to do as he wants.

The card: The king of wands makes a difference in the world and represents politicians and leaders of all kinds. And as we see these type of people, the king is charismatic and controlling. He must control his environment and seeks to convince the world to see things his way.

XXI World

My take: The four elements (air, water, fire and earth) come together around the stars and the earth. It’s like everything is coming together as it should. Everything is aligned.

The card: Enlightenment, Completions.  But with enlightenment comes new beginnings.  Being truly enlightened also means knowing and living within your limitations and circumstances.

Reading Analysis

Well,  I would be really curious to see what method this author uses for her answers.  Not that they are wrong or don’t fit the cards, they usually do, but I am curious.  

With this reading, the answer is a little farther out than most, but I can see what the cards mean.  I can see that nature and solitude would come up for me on a place to live, although I do wonder if it was referring to a vacation for me.  I have been talking a lot lately about how I just need to get away for a little while.  Maybe a trip alone to the mountains of the east would be a good move.

I certainly like the fact that it said I will live in the place of my dreams.  I can’t wait to see where that is.