Well, I made it through my first Extreme Fat Loss Diet fast day.   It wasn’t really as hard as I thought it was going to be.

The morning was easy as I am never really hungry until late in the morning anyway.

The tough part for me was the afternoon.  I get those crazy afternoon hunger pains anyway so I was going nutso for a couple of hours, but then it subsided and the evening was a breeze.  By they time I was sitting on the couch watching Lost with my husband I felt great actually, no hunger and a significant sense of calm.

I will say that feeding my kids dinner was tough.  I just wanted to snatch the food right off their plates.  And then I asked my husband to eat while I was at my swimming class so I wouldn’t have to watch him eat, but I walked in the door and he was putting the finishing touches on a chicken burger.  My mouth watered something fierce and I had to leave the room, but really no biggie.

The BCAA capsules that I purchased are the biggest pills I have ever seen, but surprisingly easy to swallow.  Taking them throughout the day ensured that I guzzled massive amounts of water and filled my belly, if only temporarily.

Some tips for getting through the day….

  1. Stay Busy.  Get out and about as much as you can. Tackle something consuming at work. If you are stuck at home like me, then find a project that needs to be done or a hobby you haven’t picked up in a while.  Also, use your workouts to your advantage, you have three of them today.
  2. Embrace the Hunger.  When the hunger hit it’s worse about mid afternoon I went looking for advice (well and really just another thing to keep me occupied.  Nothing like a targeted Internet search for info to kill some time).  The biggest thing that I found from both those fasting for health and religious purposes is to embrace the hunger, not fight it.  That also reminds me of what my therapist is telling me about negative thought, anxiety, depression or whatever your dealing with: “Acknowledge the feeling and then let it pass through you and out the other side”.  This is highly effective, but often easier said
  3. Drink Hot Liquids.  I had a cup of coffee (with xylitol to sweeten) mid afternoon and that made all the difference in the world.  Warm and satisfying a cup of tea or coffee can really do the trick.  It also gives you something with taste to sip on.
  4. Drink a Ton of Water.  I just kept the water coming all day.  I carried a big bottle around with me everywhere and guzzled several large glasses each time I took my BCAA supplements.
  5. Focus on the Results.  This is the biggie.  It is only one day and there are only five in the whole program.  Totally doable.  And just think about how great you are going to look and feel when you are done.

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The Extreme Fat Loss Diet is a short term fast fat loss plan.  To continue your healthy lifestyle and/or continue losing weight, you will need a long term nutritional plan.  My recommendation and the one I follow myself is Isabel De Los Rios’  The Diet Solution.  I have been following this plan for a month or so now and I feel great.   Sound research-based nutritional advice tailored to your personal metabolic type and an easy to follow portion controlled eating plan.  Brilliant.

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Isabel is offering a free bonus to her members right now of a personal outline and coaching on how to follow the Extreme Fat Loss Diet in a healthy way that gels with her nutritional advice and eating plan.  Really cool, I know I can’t wait to get my hands on that.

So get both products now and commit to your weight loss goals today.

Well, here it is.  Today I begin a 25 day plan that is supposed to burn an extreme amount of fat in an extreme way.

At this point I am hopeful and skeptical at the same time.  Although this is a 25 day fast fat loss program, it is no magic pill.  This program is on the extreme end of the spectrum and will take some serious dedication to make happen.  But, it’s only 25 days and I am in dire need of a metabolic shake up so I’m giving it a fully dedicated go.

One of the things I have struggled with while trying to lose weight is fully committing to a program.  It has taken me a long time to nail down why that is and I think this program is the perfect end and in turn beginning for me.

This program is very structured.  It runs in five day cycles and you complete the cycle 5 times.  Each day uses a different eating style and has complimentary workouts that are all optimized to maximize and improve your metabolism.

The days include a full on cheat day where you are encouraged to load up on whatever your little heart desires including pastries, pizza, burgers, lasagna, cake..  whatever you feel like eating whenever you feel like eating it.  The one rule, don’t overeat or manipulate your day in a way to maximize the amount of food you can eat.  But this is a great day to go out to eat and order whatever you want off the menu or splurge on that coffee cake or doughnut at your favorite coffee shop.

The flip side of this is that there is also a fast day, where you eat very little.  Each day has it’s own thing.

The combination of the cheat day and the fast day are put together to maximize leptin levels and take full advantage of those raised levels.

I will let the author explain all the details, but I can tell you that I have done a ton of reading about nutrition and metabolism over the last several months and everything that he is speaking about is completely in line with the current research in the field.  He has simply combined and tweaked methods which maximize the manipulation of your metabolism.  Although they throw around the word extreme a lot and this is definitely not a long term plan but a short term jump start, nutritional fundamentals are followed and I don’t think that there is anything dangerous about this.

So, I started today and Day 1 is the cheat day.  This was actually good timing for me because my husband is out of town on business and for some weird reason I get immense pleasure from eating all kinds of things that he doesn’t like or are just really bad for you and not generally part of our every day diet while he is gone.  So today I ate whatever I wanted.

It seemed a little lackluster as I haven’t been on any sort of super restrictive diet, but I definitely feel a  little sluggish as this is not typically the type of food I eat.  I ingested more carbs today than I have in quite a while.  But tomorrow I fast, so today I eat.

I also completed my first workout today, especially tailored to the cheat day.  There is more weight lifting in this program than I am used to but all the exercises can be done with dumbbells so I bought a medicine ball and a set of dumbbells to fill a gap I had in my home weights and am good to go.  I will do my cardio at the gym as usual and walks and swimming as supplemental.  I think it will work out nicely.  I actually enjoyed the exercises and felt good afterward.

I got in on a pre-sale deal and saved $30.  This runs for another day or two I think, so if you are interested you should definitely check it out right away.

Learn More Now!

I plan on writing about my experiences daily (well hopefully daily, but at least every couple of days) during these 25 days and I have created a special page where you can always find the latest updates.