Recently two things have happened.  I watched yet again one of my favorite indulgent movies Julie and Julia and I rediscovered my love of reading while on vacation in Hawaii.  I haven’t really been reading much the last year or so.  This is very strange as I have always been a veracious reader so I was a little worried.  But, never to worry, my reading bug is bad and to celebrate both this wonderful movie and my need to fill a book reading void left by too long without devouring a good book, I have decided to embark on my own Julie Powell inspired project.

I am going to tackle Amazon’s 100 Books to Read In Your Lifetime List.

I have read many of the books on this list but certainly not the majority of them and of those I have read, most of them were a really long time ago and I never remember anything I read so I am really looking forward to working my way through the list, re-reading some old favorites, rediscovering some long forgotten and enjoying the thrill of a great new book.

In addition to blog posts along the way, official book reviews will be posted both here and on Amazon.  I have added a place in the sidebar to easily find out where I am am in my journey and how to access all the content it produces.  Here we go!

Gone Girl – Book Review

I was thrilled to see that Gone Girl was on the list as I just finished it this last Sunday as my Mother’s Day treat to myself.  So, we will start there.

Gone Girl is superbly written almost the entire way through. I love the chapter by chapter change of voice and how the story converged on itself and flipped on its head around every corner. I can see how this translated easily into a screen play and I look forward to watching the movie and seeing how everything translates. I am very glad I didn’t give in to this movie before reading the book.

My favorite part of reading this book is how the author made me feel like I was solving the crime right up to the point when I realized I knew nothing. Exhilarating!

My one gripe would be the ending. It just seemed a little flat and instead of building to an ending that left me feeling satisfied and exhausted the way I felt it should, it almost let the rest of the book down by just sort of petering out.

Still very worth the read. A great summer beach or vacation read. Couldn’t put it down. Good fun crime drama.

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Wild – Book Review

Yes, I know it isn’t on the list, but I think that maybe it should be.  This is the other book I read on my recent trip to Hawaii.  Wild triggered my insatiable reading instinct once again and for that I will always be grateful.

I devoured Wild.  I felt so connected to her story and like I was right there on the trail with her the entire time.  The imagery was vivid and the characters along the way endearing and worth knowing.

I relate greatly to the author’s quest for major change and the idea of leaving one life behind and embarking on a new one.  When one does this, there is a time of transition and it is definitely made easier by a big adventure or life changing event.  For me, I knew I must leave my old life and the destructive patterns, unhealthy relationships and dead end prospects in order to find my new and true path.  I didn’t hike the PCT but I embarked on my own harrowing journey of growth and self discovery through a summer at girl scout camp.  It was nothing that I expected it would be, much harder than I could have imagined and exactly what I needed it to be.

This book was so well written from the first line to the last.  I walked the entire way with her and when forced to put it down could not wait for the next opportunity to read it again.  I cried at the end, as much for the end of my journey as the end of hers.

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