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So, a few months ago I was contacted by a representative of Smelly Washer.

Sometimes as a blogger people will contact you and want you to partner with them or review their products.  I usually don’t accept these offers, but this guy happened to hit me at the perfect time.

For months I had been complaining about how my towels smelled like mildew when I got out of the shower.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was causing it.  I nagged Karli about not letting the laundry sit in the washing machine and I bitched about the bathroom fan not being effective enough, but no amount of bitching and moaning or even changes in habits seemed to fix the problem.

Now, I would like to apologize to the smelly washer people for taking so long to post this review.  There were a couple of thing at play here including this last couple of months simply getting away from me.  I haven’t written much of anything and I regret taking so long to fulfill on this commitment.

I also wanted to use the product as suggested and give it time to see if it was really working or just a quick fix.

When my bottle of smelly washer arrived* I used it as directed. I ran a cleaning cycle through the washer and then added some in with my towels.  After one use, my towels smelled fresh and clean.  But would they stay that way?

Well, I am happy to say that after several months my towels continue to smell fresh, even when I leave them in the washer a little too long or forget to run the fan in the bathroom after a shower.

It recommends running a cleaning cycle through your washer once a month. I have also read some people talking about putting a little in with every load. Although I think doing a maintenance wash cycle every couple of months is probably a good idea, I haven’t experienced that putting it in with every load is necessary at all.

I would recommend giving this product a try if you have smelly towels or a smelly washer.

Recently Komo 4 (Seattle ABC affiliate) ran a story about front end washers and mold that grows that gives off a stinky odor.  I thought this was timely and so I will share it in this article along with some other useful links…

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*I legally have to say here that I received this bottle free of charge with the understanding that I would review the product on this blog.  I was in no way told what to say or even that I had to give it a good review.  I used this product as directed and have given my honest opinion of how it worked in my particular circumstances.  I am in no way affiliated with smelly washer and do no take any responsibility for how it may or may not work for you.