Tony Lucca

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This week’s selections are rather eclectic.  My moods and influences have been varied and inconsistent this week and I think this is reflected here.  

The list starts with one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands.  If you haven’t seen Barenaked Ladies live and get the opportunity to, you must.  They are one of those rare bands that are better live than on their albums.  Karli and I were discussing that Jason Mraz is like this too.  Karli just saw Mraz last weekend and said it was amazing.  Artists that can really connect with the audience make for the best shows.

I love the song Grade 9 because these guys are similar in age to me and it reminds me so much of what that time in my life was like.  You can’t help but laugh out loud some of the references.  I think everyone of our generation fondly remembers that conclusion of every school dance and the haunting sounds of Stairway to Heaven. Oh heck, I’ve added Stairway to Heaven just for good measure.

Back when I worked for RealNetworks, they purchased the company that originated the Rhapsody service.  As a result we all received free memberships and I loved it so much I started paying for it when I left.  I even upgraded to the “to go” service so I can endlessly load up my MP3 player.  The point of that little ramble is to say that I have a custom radio station that I listen to all the time and in addition to bringing up some of my favorite songs from times past, it also helps me to discover new music as well.  Can you tell I love this service, it is the best, really.

Anyway,  this week I discovered an artist that I hadn’t listened to before that I find rather intriguing and will definitely get a good listening to from this song writer aficionado.  I have included Tony Lucca’s song Darlin’ I as this is the song that I first heard on my radio station and what inspired me to listen to more.   I am looking forward to hearing more of what he has to offer.

Another song to note on this list is Trick Daddy’s Sugar.  Although I don’t immediately turn to rap for my musical fix, my friend Matt put this on Saturday night and I have to say that this is a kick ass song.  Definitely on my list of favorite Rap songs, although as you can imagine this list isn’t incredibly lengthy.

The rest fall into old favorites that came across the wireless network to my TV and out through my stereo speakers.  Did I mention you can get Rhapsody through your Tivo service (I know, I will stop with the sales pitch, old habits die hard and good products deserve promotion).  

Enjoy this weeks selections and the fond memories of younger days.