It’s funny how many things are pointing me in the right direction.  Hmm that’s funny.  I tend to write in stream of consciousness and then come back and edit and rewrite.  What I meant to say was “the same direction” but what I wrote was “the right direction”.  Guess that tells me something in and of itself.

Lately it seems like my whole life is interconnected like a big web instead of being all these disconnected legs like it used to be.  Information from all different directions is correlating and relating in uncanny ways.

We talk about something at therapy and then I come home and read a totally unrelated novel before bed and the  story relates directly.

I read something in The Gabriel Method book and then later find an author in my The Mystery Of 2012 book talking about something directly related.

Conversations are overlapping.  I am having a lot of those moments where you say “Wow, I was just talking/thinking/reading about that earlier”.

I think that this is an excellent sign that I am moving in the right direction and doing the right things.  I believe that when the universe speaks so directly to you it is very wise to listen carefully and to learn more.