I am a referencer. When I am reading, I am always looking back to passages or pages or images or whatever that I remember and might be relevant to what I am currently reading or trying to remember what somebody said a few chapters back.

Right now I am reading The Last Lecture. This is a beautiful book and is produced in that parchment way that makes books look old, roughcut I think they call it. The page edges are all uneven and the paper is a little thicker than normal. It is really a quite pleasing effect.

But, it does making turning pages a little challenging, especially when you are trying to hold your place with one finger and turn back to an earlier page with the other.

In bed last night, I am quietly cursing to myself as the page I am looking for is eluding me due to pages sticking together and my general inability to turn the page at all.

Karli is all “use your index finger, what are doing? just use your index finger” and I’m like “what are you talking about, I have to use my thumb or I will lose my place.” “Huh?” is his reply.

This goes on for a while and finally we end in a fit of giggles and I return to reading my book.

Then I notice I am using my index finger to turn the page. I start to giggle and explain that we were both right. “Who would have thought there were such intricacies to turning pages.”