roll ups

This is my favorite Bosu Ball Workout I have found.  I also like to sit on it in boat pose while watching TV and it provides good additional support for roll ups as my abs have a serious case of the baby makers.

Note:  The titles and wording that I use may be different than the official video.  Please don’t hold it against me.

Daily Dose – 10 min Total Body Bosu Workout

Sit Down/Get Ups

  • Stand in front of the ball. Tighten your abs, square your legs, arms out in front of you.
  • Sit down on the ball and lean back until just before you would tip over
  • Use your hands on the ball by your hips for support if you need it, otherwise arms stay out in front
  • Using your abs and hips pull yourself up to a squat and then use your legs to lift you to standing. Be careful of your knee position to avoid injury.

Open Down Dog to Push Up

  • Stand behind the ball with your legs spread wide. Place your feet on the ball in front of you. A down dog with an open stance.
  • Stretch your tailbone toward the sky and support yourself strongly with your arms, shoulder moving towars your waste and into the shoulder blades.
  • Move one knee to the ball walking your hands out in front of the ball and do a push up.
  • Return to open down dog then alternate with the other knee.

Stand on the ball

  • Stand with both feet on the ball, hip width apart. Hands at your side.
  • If this is difficult, stay here and move on when you feel ready
  • Lift your hands and arms slowly out and over your head then bring you hands down through the center of your body, breathing in on the way up and breathing out on the way down.
  • When you have mastered this try looking up at your hands at the top of the movement.
  • When you have mastered this, try the whole thing with your eyes closed

The goal is to do four sets of 15 reps of each exercise in curcuit.

Watch the full video for detailed instructions, form essentials and beginner and advanced variations and modifications.