rockin the suburbs

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Whenever I get moody and melencholy I look to my favorite songwriters for comfort and inspiration. This week, I turned initially to Ben Folds.  

My father in law actually introduced Karli and I to Ben Folds after hearing a segment with him on NPR. He bought us the Ben Folds Five album for christmas that year.  Philosophy is probably my favorite on that album.

My favorite of his solo albums is Rockin the Suburbs, which I love to put on while I walk or am just hanging out around the house.  I am a sucker for good song writing and production and my piano background has given me a love of great modern piano players.  I’ve included three great songs from this album:  The Luckiest, Zak and Sara and Still Fighting.  I could go on, this whole album is great.

Gracie, a song off Songs for Silverman, he wrote for his daughter and it got me thinking about Hush by Jellyfish which is the lullaby I sing to my kids and a little Jellyfish is always good for the soul.  Just for fun I have include Sebrina, Paste and Plato off Spilt Milk (as is Hush) and The King is Half Undressed off of Bellybutton, two of my favorite Jellyfish tracks 

I hope you enjoy this weeks list.