I was just checking my Amazon Associates account this morning and they always show you what items are selling really well in a given category on the front page. Well this morning it was Books and one of the best selling books is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

It just happens that I am reading this book right now. I just thought that was a funny coincidence, so I thought I would share it with you.

It looks like the third book of this trilogy has just come out. Ooh, I better get reading. I didn’t even know this was a trilogy. I am a total sucker for series books. I just never want the story to end.

So far I am really loving it. It did take me three times to get through the first chapter, but I knew this was coming since a friend of my gave it to me to read and she said it is a little hard to get into, but once you get past page 40 or so it is a total page turner.

I have to agree whole heartedly. It is a little dense at the very beginning, but it is necessary back-story so don’t skip ahead. Just start this one when you are in a reading mood.  I’m really looking forward to the can’t put it down moments that are sure to come.

I will come back and update this post once I have finished the book.

For now, here are links to all three books. Let’s get reading…

Book 1: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Book 2: The Girl Who Played with Fire
Book 3: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

Or, get all three books in a hardbound collection for your library.

It’s funny how many things are pointing me in the right direction.  Hmm that’s funny.  I tend to write in stream of consciousness and then come back and edit and rewrite.  What I meant to say was “the same direction” but what I wrote was “the right direction”.  Guess that tells me something in and of itself.

Lately it seems like my whole life is interconnected like a big web instead of being all these disconnected legs like it used to be.  Information from all different directions is correlating and relating in uncanny ways.

We talk about something at therapy and then I come home and read a totally unrelated novel before bed and the  story relates directly.

I read something in The Gabriel Method book and then later find an author in my The Mystery Of 2012 book talking about something directly related.

Conversations are overlapping.  I am having a lot of those moments where you say “Wow, I was just talking/thinking/reading about that earlier”.

I think that this is an excellent sign that I am moving in the right direction and doing the right things.  I believe that when the universe speaks so directly to you it is very wise to listen carefully and to learn more.

Extreme Fat Loss – 25 Pounds in 25 Days

25 Days of extreme measures, hopefully for extreme results.  Get all the gory details here.

Self Inventory 2008/09

This is a series of tarot reading using special combinations of cards to target different aspects of your life.  I call it a self inventory because is addresses all the different aspects of our lives.  Money, Job, Love, Strategy, Power, Creativity, Purpose, Dreams, Intentions etc.  I like to complete this series of readings every few years to get a good idea of where I am at.

Mom Tips

A parent’s best resource for tips and solutions to all those little issues and problems that come up when raising our kids is other parents.  Chances are that someone has already been right where your at and has tried many things before finding something that works.  We should support each other by sharing these tidbits of wisdom and this is what this series of articles is all about.

If you have mom tip (or dad tim, sorry about that) that you would like to share, please send it my way and if it is appropriate for my readers I would love to post it.  Make sure to include your URL so that I can give you credit and a link back.

The Gabriel Method – My Experience

I am not usually one to write about something personally unproven, especially when it comes to diet and health, but I really want to document this process so I don’t forget everything I’m learning.

This is a really new program so there isn’t a lot of information about it our there. I am very curious about the process and the outcomes and hope that sharing my experiences will be helpful to others exploring this approach.

It also includes incorporating a lot of new foods that I was generally unfamiliar with, so creating and sharing recipes will be fun.

I am a referencer. When I am reading, I am always looking back to passages or pages or images or whatever that I remember and might be relevant to what I am currently reading or trying to remember what somebody said a few chapters back.

Right now I am reading The Last Lecture. This is a beautiful book and is produced in that parchment way that makes books look old, roughcut I think they call it. The page edges are all uneven and the paper is a little thicker than normal. It is really a quite pleasing effect.

But, it does making turning pages a little challenging, especially when you are trying to hold your place with one finger and turn back to an earlier page with the other.

In bed last night, I am quietly cursing to myself as the page I am looking for is eluding me due to pages sticking together and my general inability to turn the page at all.

Karli is all “use your index finger, what are doing? just use your index finger” and I’m like “what are you talking about, I have to use my thumb or I will lose my place.” “Huh?” is his reply.

This goes on for a while and finally we end in a fit of giggles and I return to reading my book.

Then I notice I am using my index finger to turn the page. I start to giggle and explain that we were both right. “Who would have thought there were such intricacies to turning pages.”