professional web presence

I would like to introduce you to, my latest project.

Marnie Valenta - Seattle Massage Therapy and Birth Doula

Marnie has been my massage therapist for years and acted as our doula for Ada’s birth.  

She is a dear friend and I was so happy to be able to give her a professional web presence to promote her business.

If you live in Seattle and are in need of a good massage or compassionate and strong labor support, I recommend you give her a call.

Marnie was interested in being able to edit her website herself, but with such a simple site and being a savvy woman she wasn’t in need of a full content management system, just an easy way to edit the copy on her site.    

To accomplish this I used tableless HXTML and CSS for the layout, which removes much of the extranneous code from view, and php to insert the header and footer.  This created simple pages of text which are easily editable and separate from the bulk of the sites code, leaving little room for problems to occur. Now marnie can maintain her own site, saving time and money.