parenting a toddler

My friend Sarah sent me this great article today about toddlers and kid’s personalities and the general trials and tribulations of parenting a toddler.

I have always said that it’s a damn good thing that they are so cute at this age or we parents might just lose our shit. There is nothing that can calm my frazzled nerves like a big smile from my littlest one. They have that touch built in, the ability to melt your heart in about 2 seconds. Lucky for him, I say. Hee hee, just kidding. Their perfect angels, really they are.

Is my kid a jerk, or is he just 2?
My son bullies me, insults his mother and once punched an old man in the nuts. I know it’s probably just a phase. But what if it isn’t?
By Christopher Noxon

This also got me ranting in my head about parents and really humans (well at least Americans) in general and how wooshy we have all gotten. Ooh, it gets me riled up, but we will save that for another post.