old camera

The eToys catalog came yesterday and reminiscent of the sears catalog joys of my youth, there was a special exuberance in our house. I remember so fondly pouring over every page of the newest Sears catalog, circling everything that I wanted, dogearing the pages to make sure my mom wouldn’t miss my favorites when Christmas shopping time came around every year.

No longer are we rushing down to the local sears and roebuck mail order store (yes, I grew up in a very small town and no I’m not that old it was just a really small town) to pick up our orders from the Sears catalog, but waiting for our latest online order to arrive at our doorstep. But the joy in a little girls eye as she eyes her next absolutely must have, are just the same.

Adas New Camera

We have been contemplating getting Ada a digital camera as she is almost impossible to take a picture of because she want to know what you are doing and comes running to you to look at the result almost before you have even taken the picture.

But every time we look at the kid friendly options, the price just doesn’t seem worth it, although a camera wrapped in rubber and able to be completely submerged like this one, just might be worth it.

Then we had an aha moment and realized we still had our old camera in a drawer somewhere (it’s no wonder our house is such a mess). So we handed it over and it is awesome.

She has taken at least 50 photos today, many of the TV and her toy planes, her brother and Pella the dog.

Is that you taking a picture of me taking a picture of you?

Upside? She is being wonderfully creative, learning to use a fairly complex piece of electronics (I have to say with surprising ease) and observing her surrounding in an all new way. I just love to see her little mind in processing mode.

Downside? If she flashes me or her brother right in the face one more time, I think I might have to scream I also can’t say that having so many mama just out of bed in the morning photos floating around is thrilling me.

The sacrifices we make