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Now, we all know where my politics lie, but I have to comment on this whole deal about Sarah Palin’s 100k wardrobe.

I really don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal about this.

I do see the hypocritical air of having such an extensive clothing allowance while preaching to everyone her down home flair and beating up Obama for being an elitist.  I don’t know many wives of Joe six pack that shop at Nieman Marcus.  

But with that said, I have a completely different take on this.  The Republican National Committee is a marketing machine.  Their job is to market their candidate to the best of their ability.  Sarah Palin looking flawless and representing their brand is a very important part of all that.  

They have spent a good amount of time and money on making her appear ultra polished and professional, while still looking simple and understated as to appeal to the broadest audience.

This was a cheap solution to a very significant problem for them.  They couldn’t very well put her up their in her hockey mom garb now could they.  And you don’t hear everyone complaining about the millions of dollars they spend every week on hate ads, voter suppression and racist propaganda (oops, did I say that out loud).

The ROI is through the roof on this investment and I think it is as simple as that.

And just as a reminder…

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It still gives me chills.

My father in law was here this weekend and we were watching the baseball playoffs.  I am not a baseball fan so much.  I’m more of a basketball fan.  Don’t get me started on the Sonics.  I digress.

Anyway, we’re watching the game and the announcer says the name ‘Coco Crisp’.  I’m like ‘Woah Woah, what did he say?’ and my father in law is like ‘yeah, that’s his name’.

My first thought was ‘Who names their kid that?’ and then I started thinking about a girl I knew when I was a child.  A friend of mine had a little sister named Ginger Snapp.

I did find out that Coco’s real name is Covelli and that kids teased him as a child calling him Cocoa Crispies, but that when he started playing professional baseball, the name Coco Crisp just stuck (The Boston Globe).  Guess we can’t blame his parents for that one.

But, like my childhood friend’s parents, there are many who do name their children these things.  I can’t help but wonder why?  Are they trying to set their kids up to be teased and harassed their entire childhoods?  As a parent, I just can’t believe that is the case.  But then why?

Do you know or know of anyone with such a name or have any insight on what would drive a parent to choose such a name?  I would love to hear your take.

Poor Joe Biden has quite the dilemma tonight. His job is to take Sarah Palin out, but he also risks sounding pompous and elitist if he goes after her too aggressively.

It’s almost too easy to make Sarah Palin sound incompetent, she doesn’t even know which newspapers she reads, or should I say that the party would want her to read. “All of em’, any of em’ “, really. Or what about the supreme court. The only decision she was able to name that she disagreed with was Roe vs. Wade. Not one other came to mind. It’s like she is frozen when asked a question that hasn’t been covered by her handlers.

Is she really as unknowledgeable as she appears to be or is she just frozen by all the media training she getting right now. I’m not sure, but you have to feel for her a little. This must be just the most overwhelming thing she has ever had to deal with. I don’t envy her.

But with that said, I don’t want to see someone so overwhelmed or in need of training or completely unknowledgeable about our government to be so close to the office of the president. This is one of the many reasons that I don’t support McCain or this middle American notion that the president should be someone you want to have a beer with and that someone who is contemplative and educated is unable to relate and elitist. I want my president to be the smartest, most educated, natural leader, charismatic, persuasive and knowledgeable person in the room, and I would love nothing more than to have a beer with Barack Obama. What a great conversation that would be.

I think it would be very easy for Biden to wipe the floor with Palin, but he must be careful, especially since he is known for not being able to keep his mouth shut and I, as someone with the same affliction, know that I would have a hard time not saying something snide to her. “Are you kidding me?” and “What the…” are common beginnings to my own personal commentary, when I listen to Palin speak.

I also want to put it right out there that he should not be easy on her because he is afraid of upsetting women. I know that there are women out there that will make a big chauvinist to do if he attacks her at all, but most women don’t feel that way. I have heard more and more women, as Palin has been increasingly available publicly and more is known about her, who are offended that the republican party would think that just because she is a woman that she would automatically appeal to us, especially mothers.

But I am also hearing socially conservative people talking about how they too are not fooled by her social views that they find so appealing. They too want someone who is capable of handling the responsibilities of the white house, running this country and representing us abroad. I hope that more and more conservatives will begin to see it this way, but I don’t hold my hopes up.

So, Mr. Biden, please crush her tonight. Show the world they can have confidence in Obama and show off all that foreign policy experience you have. I have a feeling that she will bury herself. But, don’t be soft on her because your afraid of the consequences, be tough, be yourself and take her down. Just be nice about it.

I was looking through my google webmaster tools last night and at the top of my search list was “numerology obama”. Cool, what a good idea. So here is a numerological overview for Obama.

Birthdate: 8-4-1961


Numerology states that Obama’s path of life or birth force is 11.

Inspiration is the key word associated with the number 7 birth force.

11 is a master number, which is a big deal in the numerolgical world.  He belongs in the public eye.  He is intuitive and intelligent with success coming from your leadership and influence of society.  He inspires others through his example and would make a great  teacher, writer, reformer, psychologist or peacemaker.  There are very high expectations for him.  He must beware of selfishness, indifference and conceit.

Although I feel that the master number 11 is aptly placed in the able hands of Mr. Obama, there is also the option that this is a 2 (1+1), so I will cover that as well.  The number two is all about cooperation.  This person works well in partnerships and groups and is kind and thoughtful.  This person is a diplomat and peacemaker and is very detail oriented, but prefers to stay in the background.  I guess that last one rules Obama as a 2.

This explains why so many are drawn to him and why he has come so quickly to where he is today.  Let’s hope he can live up to all those expectations.

And where is Obama now in this life journey?

According to Numerology, Barack Obama is in the first year of his fourth attainment. An attainment can tell us about the upcoming events in our lives. There are four attainments in life, each telling us what experiences we will have during that period of our lives.

To find the number for Obama’s fourth attainment we use his birth date again.

Birth Month # 8
Birth Year # +8
equals = 16 = 1+6 = 7

Knowledge, philosphy, analysis, seclusion and understanding.  Interest in the deeper meaning in things.  Education and the increase of knowledge.  This gain in knowledge will bring success.  It is time for deep inquiry.

And what are 2008 and 2009 going to be all about?

2+9 = 11 (usually you would reduce again, but 11 is a special number)

2008 is a 1 year. This indicated all things new. Pioneering and new discoveries are prevalent. Activity is high.

2009 is an 11 year. This indicates an increased interest in religion and spirituality. Inventions and idealism are abundant.

hmmmm. This explains the call for change, but the latter makes me a little nervous with the extreme right having so much power. Things look good for Obama, but it doesn’t look like the christian right are going anywhere any time soon.

When I learned of McCain’s VP choice, all I could do was repeat “The governor of Alaska?” over and over again. Who the hell is that? What is he thinking? I have hashed this over and over today. My take?

Of course he wants a woman to say ‘see, we can be historical too’ and try to play to women. I was surprised to hear today that the large majority of mothers vote republican. This blows my mind. How do they possibly think that the republicans are looking out for them and their children? I guess if your only concern is making sure that everyone in the country thinks the exact same way as you, then maybe you can overlook the rest. I don’t claim to understand it at all.

I would hope though that the Hillary supporters can see further than this woman’s gender. Would I love to see a woman in the white house? Of course. Do I want my daughter to know that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to and have opportunities available to her that were not available to past generations. Absolutely. But, not like this. This choice, this woman, has nothing to do with any of that.

McCain also needs to make sure that the conservative right doesn’t stay home and I think this is what this is really about. If this group doesn’t care about experience or ability to rule, but only care about their own social agenda then this is a great match for them.

Another interesting point I just learned about her is that she (as are almost all Alaskans) is pro drilling in ANWR. She has stated clearly (see the article discussed below) that she will push the Alaskan agenda if elected VP. Just another notch in McCain drill drill drill belt. Hasn’t he been touting his environmental prowesses? HA!

Although I could rant for another hour about all of this, the author of Mudflats (an Alaskan political blogger) has written an elegant and entertaining article about the lovely Palin (she is quite pretty, right?). You must read this, It’s great.

What is McCain Thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective

UPDATE: I know, I know, I’m late. Family in town. Building a deck. Barack Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate.

If you just absolutely must be the first one to know who the Obama VP is going to be (like I do), then you must visit the Barack Obama website and sign up to be notified by either text or email.

They will send you a text or email before it is publicly announced.

I don’t know how much of a jump we are really going to get though. I would put significant money on the fact that every news organization in the world is somehow on that list.

Oh well, fun anyway.

Find out Obama VP first via text message or email

Today was the Washington State Primary and I am a dedicated voter, so I packed the kids up and headed down to the local elementary school.

I have to say that this is the least prepared I have ever been going into the voting booth and I have a strict policy of not voting on things I know nothing about.  So,  I only voted on a couple of items.

My first and foremost reason for voting today was that my friend’s dad is running for King County Superior Court Judge and I wanted to make sure to support him.  Vote Nic Corning.

I also wanted to make sure and cast a vote for Christine Gregiore because that Dino Rossi character scares me to death and his current messaging is pretty convincing to those not really aware of what he is all about.

I go to the polls to vote as it makes me feel connected in my community and I think it is a good lesson for my kids (well, just Ada right now).  They keep telling us they are going to take this right away and make us all vote absentee, but it still hasn’t happened.  It’s not like I am up in arms or anything, it just makes me sad.

What’s next?  Voting by text message, like American Idol?

I have heard several discussions on the radio over the last couple of weeks that had a member of Just Say No Deal on the panel. After hearing the third separate member shock me with their bitterness and delusions, I just had to say something.

They say some of the most outlandish things I have ever heard. The last panel I was listening to, one member of there organization used the words “borderline fascist” when referring to the democratic party and the presidential nomination process.

They are so angry that their candidate didn’t win that they are willing to aggressively sabotage the election process. Would they really rather have McCain and every scary thing that that entails, such as the continuation of bush’s policies, appointment of more very conservative supreme court judges, more war, no addressing of the severely flawed and failing education in this country and a misguided approach to helping the economy recover, rather than have Obama in the White house, simply because Hillary didn’t win the primary fair and square.

Hillary ran a great race and although I truly believe that Obama is the better candidate and that he is better for America than Hillary would be, if Hillary had won the primary by following the existing rules (not the ones she made up), I would have been upset for a little while, but I would have gotten squarely behind Hillary, because she is certainly better than McCain or any other republican they could put out there.

Let’s get real here folks. I am glad that Hillary will get her roll call at the convention. It was close enough that this is clearly the right thing to do. But, why all the anger. Obama won fair and square, following the rules to a tee.

I like to use a football example (don’t ask why, I hate football). Just because the losing team makes a great and triumphant comeback in the second half and gets within one point at the end of the game, doesn’t mean that they deserved to win and the the win should be stripped from the winning team. That’s just absurd. Hillary made some major mistakes at the beginning of her campaign and just because she finally got it together at the end, but not enough to overtake Obama, doesn’t mean that she should win. She didn’t win. Get over it. There is nothing about Hillary Clinton that makes her more entitled to the nomination than anyone else.

Are the rules a little messed up? Maybe. That doesn’t mean you can change them to suit your purposes, it just doesn’t.  It is time to rally and get a democrat elected so that we can start fixing the atrocities that have happened over the last eight years.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I get that, I have mine too obviously. But, why is this organization getting so much traction in the press? Why are so many people listening to such extreme views and obvious sour grapes? You got me.

I am glad to know that Hillary’s organization is denouncing this kind of behavior, although I think it should be done a little more directly.  If it were me, I would be a little more direct with addressing this organization because the sheer number of people that are falling for this crap.

Here are a couple of references…

Hillary tells Puma ‘NO DEAL’

Here is an article with Hillary denouncing Ricki Liebermann, but not PUMA directly.

I would think there would be more about this, but not too much was easily found.

I will not bless Puma or Just Say No Deal with a link from this site. If you are interested they are easily found on the internet.

Instead, I will post links to the blog portions of both the Clinton and Obama websites. I feel the blog sections are the most informative, and of course you can easily access the rest of their sites from their.

Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton

I have to say first that I am always surprised and aghast at most of George W says in public as I strongly disagree with his political views and could go on for about 30 pages on my soapbox about how terribly wrong I think the past eight years has gone, but this one really through me off a little.

I would also like to state that I am not a christian or a muslim or a buddist or a member or any other organized religious group, but I hold my personal spirituality very close to me. I grew up going to church with my family every sunday and have a good grasp on what christian values are all about, although that is not where my spiritual beliefs lie anymore. I also fully agree that anyone should be able to worship and believe whatever it is that they feel is right, but for God’s sake, keep it out of my government and don’t push your beliefs on me.

The way this country is moving and the fact that a very large portion of the American population believes that God created humans in his image less than 10,000 years ago when scientific research clearly shows over and over again that that is just ludicrous, scares me to death. But again, I digress and that is not what this post is about.

This post is about the George W and Bob Costas interview last night. The way that George W sees every situation through the lense of christianity simply just freaks me out. When asked pretty straight forward questions about the state of political affairs in China and the influence of the Olympics on that, he answered several questions with random unrelated statements about religion.

Here are a few exerpts…

Costas: If these Olympics are as successful as they are shaping up to be, most people believe this only further legitimizes the ruling party in the minds of most Chinese citizens. And even absent true liberty as we understand it, the lives of hundreds of millions of Chinese people are much better than they once were. Therefore, what’s the party’s incentive to reform?

Bush: Well first of all, if you are a religious person you understand that once religion takes hold in a society it can’t be stopped. And secondly I think the Olympics are gonna serve as a chance for people to come and see china the way it is, and let the Chinese see the world and interface and have, you know, the opportunity to converse with people from around the world. This is very positive development in my view for peace. You know, who knows how China’s going to progress. They have been through some very difficult political times, the Cultural Revolution for one, where the leadership actually created violent anarchy as the society turned on itself. All I can tell you is it’s important for the United States to be active in this part of the world, with all countries, and to stay engaged with China.

I do agree that it is important that we actively engage with countries, even if we disagree with their actions, but what does religion have to do with this. Yes, religious freedom is one of the many liberties missing in China, but interesting how this is at the forefront for Mr. Bush and that he makes such a bold religious statement at such a moment.

And after discussing Joey Cheek and China’s relationship with Sudan…

Costas: As you attempt to press these points with them, do you find Hu Jintao not just warm to you personally, but is he receptive? Do you sense any movement?

Bush: Yeah, it’s hard to tell. I mean, all I can tell you is that it is best to be in a position where a leader will listen to you. I went to church here. And I’m sure the cynics say ‘Well, you know, it was just a state sponsored church.’ On the other hand, and that’s true, it gave me a chance to say to the Chinese people, religion won’t hurt you, you ought to welcome religious people. And it gave me a chance to say to the Chinese government, ‘Why don’t you register the underground churches and give them a chance to flourish?’ And he listened politely. I can’t read his mind, but I do know that every time I met with him, I pressed the point.

Huh? What does that have to do with the question? When you don’t know how to answer the questions, just talk about how you would like Christians to be able to push their religion on the Chinese people just like they do everywhere else in the world?

Sigh, I just don’t even know what else to say.

Full Interview Transcript

Well, today was caucus day. It was pretty exciting. I caucused at Lake Forest Park Elementary and there was a huge turnout. I would say about 400 people or so at our location.

Washington State Democratic Caucus - Lake Forest Park Elementary

I was talking with one woman that said last time she caucused there was around 10 or 15 people in our precinct that showed up to caucus. Today, our precinct had 98 people.

Our precinct leaned heavily for Obama with 70 people for Obama and 20 for Clinton and then a few undecided and 2 strong kucinich holdouts. Some of the undecideds ended up with Clinton and we ended with 4 Obama delegates and 2 Clinton delegates.

They didn’t announce the results from the other 6 precints that were caucusing at the same location but a couple had put signs up with numbers that also seemed heavily weighted for Obama. I saw one with 60 for Obama and 10 for Clinton.

As an Obama supporter this makes me very happy and proud to have been part of this process. This was my first time caucusing and I have to say, besides all the waiting around, it was pretty exciting. I even got elected to be delegate alternate #3.

I liked this process. I have always been a fan of voting at the polls and have held out till the last minute with the mail in voting that is soon becoming mandatory in King County. I like the community of it. I feel part of something and I think that is lost with mail in voting, but I do get why they do it.

Overall, caucusing was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.