For this reading we will use the same cards as for reading 6 to find out what is in store for me from a business perspective.

The layout

Use I-X of Wands and the first 10 major arcana cards, kept in separate stacks.

This is a three card reading, laid out side by side from left to right.

Position 1: Shuffle and deal the top card of the wands stack. This position deals with the past.
Position 2: Shuffle and deal the top card of the major arcana stack. This position deals with the present.
Position 3: Shuffle the remaining wands and deal the top card. This position deals with the future.

The Question: What do I need to know about my business life?

The Spread:

Position 1: VIII Wands
Position 2: VI Lovers
Position 3: II Wands

The Answer

In the past, the message you sent, now attracts the attention of others, and in the future changes come from higher up.

The Cards

VII Wands

My Take: There are eight wands surrounded by eight doves flying through the sky. This is a movement card. Things are in motion.

The Card: Great energy and speed. You are inspired, clicking on all cylinders and moving toward your goals. The path you are searching for is revealed to you.

VI Lovers

My Take: Sex, passion, two people being very intimate.

The Card: A relationship of any kind, especially a lover. Sharing one viewpoint with another. Attraction of opposites. A partially revealed mystery. Being Vulnerable.

II Wands

My Take: There are two windows with steps leading down the center. The path is guarded by two wands. What path will you choose?

The Card: Power held in reserver. The path is in front of you but you haven’t decided what road to take yet. You have the power to choose which window, but are not ready to move on it yet.

Reading Analysis

I have felt lately that my life is finally moving again and that I will soon figure out what it is that I am supposed to be doing for my future business life. I still am not aware what it is and am looking forward to this revelation. I know that it is coming and that I have the power to handle whatever choices I will need to make. It is nice to know that someone might be noticing me as I keep getting told that another individual will play a big role in getting me moving in the right direction.

This reading uses numerology to determine the card that represents this year in your life.

Add up the numbers of your last birthday.


And reduce to one number


VII Chariot

Me: A chariot with racing horses speeds across the card.  The card is predominantly water.  This says fluid motion to me.  Life is moving fast.  The waves breaking may indicate that is may be a bumpy ride.  There is an industrial looking structure in the background.  Something to do with work?  The clouds are dark and tumultuous.  The card seems dark in nature but the chariot, man and horses are all brightly illuminated making it seem like they are cruising easily through the obstacles around them.

Cards:  Moving forward with confidence and exuberance.  There is a tension between his youthful energy, lack of experience and confidence brimming on arrogance.  Careful attension must be paid to balancing the energies represented here. The structure in the background represents trying to construct a framework around oneself, placing things in context as a tool to help him navigate through life.

Book:  This is a time to overcome things.  The environment may seem unstable, but you have the ability to overcome.  Just stay on top of things, turn inward and muster your courage.  The opportunity to drive your own life.  Your efforts will produce swift and thrilling victories.

What it means:  Well this year has definitely been full of ups and downs and keeps plowing forward no matter how hard we try to reign it in.  It’s funny, because my husband’s job has been in limbo for going on six months now and although it has been a little scary, i have always had the utmost confidence that we would come flying out the other side into a better place.  This confidence has never wavered, even when things were looking really bad.  I am acutely aware this year, this website is proof to this, that I am in need of structure and direction.  I am ready to come out of my mommy hole and start moving forward with my own life as well.  Interesting.