While the last two readings used numerology to examine what this year is about, this reading looks at two cards. One that covers you and one that crosses you right now in order to advise you on what you should do next.

For this reading we will use cards I-X of the major arcana. Shuffle the cards and draw two laying them in a cover and cross layout (one upright and the other crossing on top of that).

My question: What should I do next?

My Cards:

Covers: III Empress
Crosses: IV Emperor

Answer: You will need to tend to the wishes of others. Mind your constituencies.

Card Analysis:

III Empress

My thoughts: A woman grows out of a tree in the midst of a great forest. She holds a baby and is surrounded by the earths bounty. This card represents to me mother earth and the mother and caregiver in all of us. It says to stay in tune with our instincts to care for ourselves, others and the earth. There is abundance in life and in nature. Enjoy and embrace this. Could mean the birth of a child or idea.

The card: Mothering, nurturing, raising, growing. Giving birth to a child or idea. Self-care. The woman in the card is half woman half tree and holds a glowing infant. The empress represents manifestation and bringing forth our creations into the light. The act of giving birth, gardening, landscaping, sharing ideas. Anything maternal – your mother, your maternal instincts. The need to provide a nurturing environment to that which needs tending, whether ourselves, our families, our business, our ideas.

IV Emperor

My thoughts: A strong man stands over a city, holding two scepters, he manipulates and dictates the workings of the city. Orderly, structured, strong. Like the empress, caring for others, but in a more structured way. The need to add structure to your life. A need to formalize or add structure to your relationships with others.

The card: Authority, power, institutions, regulations, civic duty, fatherhood, tyranny. Being human means the need for social structure. The emperor sees the potential for organization and structure in all things. We must weigh benefits and sacrifices of using power to create social architecture. Examine the roll of power in your own life. Take hold of and use your own power and be aware of the ramifications of doing so.

What this reading means to me

As a stay at home mom, my mothering nature is foremost in my thoughts and day to day life. I must care for those around me without forgetting to care for myself. I must also use my power to add structure to my routine. I will be better able to care for myself and my family if I have a plan and cut out time for all the important jobs I must do. I must care for and enjoy time with my family, take care of and nurture myself so that I can tap into my inner power to propel me in the direction I should be going, and I must nurture my home by keeping it clean and cared for inside and out so that we all have a comfortable place to relax and be together. I will start to look again at my routine and adjust for changes and re-implement areas that I have fallen off. I will also tap into my strength and power to be calm and confident in dealing with my daily challenges.