low calorie foods

I am not one to try “diet” or “low fat” or “low calorie” foods.  I would much rather enjoy a very small amount of the real thing than a bunch of icky tasting, preservative laden, low this or that crud.  But, popped chips I just couldn’t resist.  What the?

So, the concept is that they air pop the chip.  They have popped corn chips and popped potato chips.  I’ve seen them the last couple trips to trader joes, but haven’t had any desire to do anything low anything.  I’m an emotional eater.

Finally starting to recover from this roller coaster of a summer, I have reluctantly been looking for ways to cut back on my calories a bit.  But,  a girl still needs her salty oily snack (and chocolate too of course, but I still haven’t figured out how to do that low cal) so I decided to give these a try.  And we have a winner!

These popped treats are suprisingly good.  I chose the BBQ flavor, as something low cal is always better with a punch of flavor.  Unlike like their cardboard flavored baked cousins, these chips actually taste like potato chips.

It’s very odd though, don’t get it in your head that these are anything like a real potato chip.  It is really more the texture of a dense funion, which in my book isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  But, whatever they are, they taste like a real potato chips.  And, the BBQ seasoning rocks.

I’m not sure about other brands, but the Trader Joes brand has nothing funky it.  It’s just potatoe, oil and seasoning.  No baking or frying. no preservatives and no shit stain producing pseudo oils.

I would love to be able to link you to a Trader Joes BBQ flavored Popped Potato Chip information page, but alas, nothing like that exists.  So, this is what I’m gonna do.

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I am pretty sure (I have absolutely NO proof at all of this – it’s just a little too similar to look past) that TJs licenses these chips from PopChips.