living room

Well, the living room is almost complete. All the furniture has arrived and we have moved most things in. We still need to accessorize, but wanted to live in the space for a while before we did too much. I need a couple of house plants, some throws and pillows and a new rug, but that will probably have to wait for a while.

I absolutely love the couches and having enough seating has made all the difference in the world to us. Having guests is now enjoyable, with seating for 6 or 7 comfortably.

We mounted the TV above the fireplace and I was a little concerned that it would be too high, but I really like it and we got one of those full motion mounts and I love it. It’s really stable and moves to be viewable from all over the room. The only downfall has been having to change the side of the table we eat at. Like the side of the bed you sleep on, you get attached.

Below are some photos of the process. We didn’t really catch the disaster that was our living room in its full glory, but it’ll do.  

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CIMG2874CIMG2873CIMG2877CIMG2880IMG00010IMG00011IMG00009Pella's New CouchCIMG2950CIMG2949CIMG2948CIMG2947CIMG2946