Well, I guess we will all agree that this season of the Bachelor and our dear Jason have been turned on its head.  It’s a shame really, I was rooting for him and honestly I still am.   Did he look like a total prick last night? absolutely.  But if he and Molly make it and are happy then I will be happy for them.  

It takes a lot more guts to face that and do what you think is right than to run away and hide and I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

With that said, I have read the blog articles written by the “source” and by Chris Harrison and here is my two cents on what was said.  Please excuse the following rambling unformatted rant, but this is the exact IM message I sent Karli just a little while ago after he sent me these articles.  Thanks honey!

Very interesting. I guess I just don’t put anything past reality shows and it doesn’t surprise me at all that they made them break up on camera. Last night on kimmel, he said he “had to” and I believe that contractually he probably did. It would surprise me greatly though if Melissa didn’t know it was coming and was prepared for it. Sure it was ugly, but do you really think that they were going to pass up the opportunity to show something like that on camera. No way. My gut tells me that there was no big plan though. I think that something happened over the holidays that they spent together that he or both of them decided that they were not going to talk about on camera because it was too personal. The email is convincing, if it is real but there is absolutely no way for us to ever know if it is or not and this guy certainly doesn’t seem like he is above making stuff up to further his own agenda. Notice how he had to drop how he was quoted in US Weekly. He thinks he is going to become Perez. As far as the contract goes and the non-disclosure, I bet that is pretty standard in the reality show world. I bet the people that go on Survivor have to sign the same sort of thing, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there actually surviving, we know they are. The show has had a really good run and I just doubt they would do something so tainted and desperate as to completely jeopardize the show’s whole reputation.