IV wands

This reading will include the I-X of Wands as well as the first 10 major arcana cards that I used in previous readings to ask about work related activities.

Layout: Cover and Cross

I am keeping the wands and major arcana cards separate, shuffling each pile while asking my question and then dealing the top wand and crossing it with the top major arcana card.

Question: What changes can I look for in my work life?

The Cards

Covers: IV Wands
Cross: I Magician

The Answer: Cooperation is paramount. You will seal a deal.

Examining the Cards

IV Wands

My take: There is a large door ajar, surrounded by four towering wands. There is forest in the foreground and sunshine streams through the open door. It’s like seeing the forest through the trees. The door awaits, but you must make your way through the forest first. The light may represent an answer or resulting matter. The four wands surrounding the door? Maybe guarding it, providing safe passage through the doorway.*

The card: Safety, security, taking concrete action. The door and the pillars represent safety and stability. The number four traditionally represents stability. There are also very unreal elements to the card, the size of the doors and pillars, the red moon in the background. All ideas and creative endeavors must at some point become real by taking action or they will forever remain dreams. The time is now to open the door and take action to make your dreams a reality.

I Magician

My take: The magician sits in a chair with the four suits (wands, cups, swords, and coins) laid out in front of him. All the tools are present to accomplish the task. Things seem to magically happen the way they are supposed to, you are ready to take action.

The card: Education, teaching, common sense, taking action. The magician represents teachers, mentors and our inner voice. He guides us and inspires us and gives us the courage to set out on our personal journey. Often, like magic, this inspiration comes to us in a flash as if he touched our shoulder with his staff, imposing on us just the right amount of intervention. The four suits represented on this card stand for different approaches to tackling a task. The magicians influence helps us to combine these in just the right delicate combination.

Reading Synthesis

Well, it appears that the time to take action is coming shortly and that whether I know it or not, I have all the tools and support necessary to make my way through the door. I hope that the magician will touch me with inspiration and a flash of clarity when the time comes, because I am still lost. I do not see the clear path, it all seems very foggy still. I ask for clarity and courage.

* I should note that the “My take” sections are my impressions as I look at the card before reading the answers or about the card in the book. I am trying to learn the cards, to form relationships with them and commit their meanings to memory. My take may change and hopefully evolve as my readings go on and should not be taken on any authority.