Having two kids with birthdays four days apart was a really bad idea, not that we consciously decided to do it that way.  Whatever you do, don’t try to get pregnant the same month more than once.   

As a result of this momentary lack in judgement, April is crazy crazy crazy.  There is Easter and the grandparents visiting back to back and double birthdays to plan and shop for. 

We did try to down play it this year with just a small family gathering for Ian and a fairy extravaganza for Ada and her four closest girlfriends, but it doesn’t seem how simple we try to make it, it still involves a lot of stress and energy.

I would never want to deprive my kids of anything, but this is only going to get more complicated as they get older.  There has to be a way to avoid having to do back to back birthday parties for the next 10 years, as it is both emotionally and financially challenging.  Would I be wrong to limit them to big parties every other year and a family party on the opposing years?  It seems fair to me, but I don’t have siblings and so I don’t have an understanding of how that might play with them.  Anyone have any good ideas?

This last week, I was feeling very overwhelmed by the whole thing and being generally cranky.  I even had an angry day and have had a hard time sleeping, which I haven’t encountered in a while.  I talked to my therapist about it yesterday and she thinks it is probably just some emotions that were brought up in therapy last week (we had kind of a break through session) that I didn’t have time to deal with and process appropriately because of family coming into town and Ada’s party and such.  We did some work to integrate some of it and I feel a little more centered this week, so that is good.

With all that said, the look of joy on Ada’s face as she bounced around for three days in anticipation of her friends coming to celebrate her birthday with her was worth every bit of stress and tiredness.  She just beamed and sparkled through the whole thing. 

With Ian turning 2 this week, I can’t wait to see him realize for the first time that everyone is singing for him and dig into a piece of chocolate cake with reckless abandon.  Priceless!

Now, if I could just get rid of this kink in my neck.