I haven’t had a bad day in a while and by that I mean a depressed day.  

Yesterday I thought I was getting sick.  Weirdest thing, my nose ran non-stop causing a barrage of sneezes that I thought were going to drive me out of my mind.  Then I popped a 101 fever  with terrible aches and pains for about an hour and then it was gone.  Totally bizarre.

Today, Ian tripped and conked his ear on the coffee table, which threw me into my injury panic and now I am feeling so run down.  My flight instinct kicks in.  I just want to crawl into a hole.  Hmmm.

I also received what I hope is the final final email exchange.  I thought that had happened a couple of weeks ago but my email filter failed and there it was in my inbox.  I guess she just had to have the final word.

I’m not really feeling sad about the whole situation anymore though.  The email was just one more reminder why my decision was the right one.  

I am still having a hard time controlling the physical anger reaction I get when i think about the whole thing, though.  Even though I rationally know and understand my feelings and what the situation means to me, my body just isn’t there yet.

I think my body is overloaded with it’s own response chemicals right now.  My response?  Wallow and eat.

 Joy, aren’t I inspiring.

Until a better day…