dog bed

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new couches.  They should be here between 1:30 and 3:30 today.

Of course, right in the middle of nap time.  Send your positive thoughts that Ian will get some sort of a nap today. I am hoping they call at 1:00 and say they are are on their way and then I can just keep him up until after they leave.   Here’s crossing our fingers.

Pella has also had a big day.  Since we are getting brand new beautiful couches, it goes without saying that Pella will no longer be invited to sit on them.  But, our sweet boy is big and bony (rotty x great dane mix) and needs someplace extra comfy to sit to preserve his joints.  He has also been spoiled his whole life with his own spot on the couch, which resulted in a ruined couch and seating for two.

Anyway, our spoiled pooch has just received in the mail today his very own dog couch.  We did much research and chose the Bowser Double Donut – Extra Large in Chocolate Bones.  Although quite spendy (much more reasonable in the smaller sizes), it received the best reviews for both dog comfort and durability.  I did read that it is not chew proof though, but we don’t have that issue.

Upon its arrival, Pella immediated layed down in it and has refused to move since.  He didn’t even let me fluff it up after taking it out of the box and so in the picture below his is all slumped down in the back of the bed, making it appear even more gigantic than it actually is.

 Pella's New Couch

Isn’t he sweet?  He is a happy camper and that is all I could hope for him in making this difficult transition.