Although I was coming to loath the baby mullet, I find myself mourning it a little. Although he is absolutely adorable (of course), a little bit of his bad boy persona went with that mullet. The stylist looked puzzled as I kept saying “not too conservative please”. Who am I?

But, he is like the grubbiest, no care in the world, trouble making menace I have ever met and it is just so damn endearing (well most of the time). He deserves more than the average 1 year old do. But, guess what, that really doesn’t exist in “as short as you can go so I don’t have to come back any time soon”.

So, we went with the phohawk. This wasn’t really a choice. He has an obscene cowlick. “I’ve really never seen anything like it” was the comment from the stylest. It pretty much sticks straight up off the top of his head anyway. Poor little dude.

We took him to the same salon that we did for Ada’s ordeal and once again, I was impressed with their patience, speed and innovation. I highly recommend Fun Kuts in Lynnwood WA

Here are some before and afters…

The cute version of the baby mullet The not so cute version of the baby mullet

I love his hair in the picture on top, but it rarely looks like that, it usually looks like the photo on the bottom and that is not nearly as cute. If he has more of his sister’s natural curl I might have trimmed it a little and let it grow some more.

Here’s a couple of photos of the new do. The one on the left is the one they took at the salon. The flash and the red wall completely washed him, on top of his extreme paleness. But it does show what a perfect angel he was. The image on the right is in his favorite chair at home. This was the only one of 10 that wasn’t a complete blur. Oh, boys.

Have I mentioned I can’t for the life of me get his hair to stand up like that for more than about 30 seconds today. No product I have is working. I guess I will have to call and see what they used.

He looks pretty studly huh?