cooking light

The  December issue of Cooking Light
this very cool new product was highlighted.

Now, I haven’t tried it, but since I am such an advocate of making your own baby food and I thought this was something I would have loved to have, I just had to mention it. It is simply a very innovative and mention worthy new product. I love it when people think outside the box.

The Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker is the latest in baby food mills.

What’s different about this one is that you can put the food in and steam it and then when it is finished cooking, turn the blender on and blend it to the desired consistency right in the same container. You can also use it to defrost or warm the baby food when your done.

The one thing that stands out as a flaw in this product is the small bowl size (2.5 cups) If you wanted to make big batches to freeze, this could be a hinderance. But, if Super Baby Food or The Sneaky Chef is your thing, then this just may be the perfect new gadget for you.

More Baby Puree Recipe Books

For X-mas my mom got me a subscription to Cooking Light Magazine. A couple of years back she bought me the The Best Of Cooking Light cook book and it is absolutely one of my favorites. I cook out of it more than any other cook book I own. The recipes are yummy and healthy and easy to tweak (that’s a big one for me).

Anyway, I was very excited when my first issue of Cooking Light arrived in Late December. As I started to look through it, I realized that this was not just a cooking magazine but a living better magazine. Right across the top of the cover it says “Eat Smart Be Fit Live Well”.

Well, this is a big part of this whole journey for me so I decided the each month’s magazine could be an inspiration for the health part of my quest. Let the fitness articles bring new workouts and exercises, the recipes bring new and healthier foods and the living articles bring inspiration for new projects and goals.

They also have a website expanding on some of the things in the magazine. This should be interesting to check out as well.

I am excited about this and looking forward to learning and sharing new things.