comfort food

When I was little my mom used to make me poached eggs when I had an upset stomach.  It has become of form of comfort food for me.

The problem is that poaching eggs in water is messy and kinda smelly and a good portion of the egg white is lost to the spinning web of egg white strings (yuck).  Yet, poached eggs are still my favorite way to eat eggs and when I started The Gabriel Method and knew I was going to need to eat more eggs, making poached eggs easy was a must.

I found this nifty little gadget at the super market that makes poaching eggs a breeze.  It is basically an insert for a small frying pan.  You put an egg in one or more of the depressions and a little water in the unused ones, cover it and cook until it is cooked how you desire.  No fuss, no muss.  Brilliant!

So, now I can have my favorite comfort meal easily and regularly.  A few additions and alterations makes it a great Gabriel Method breakfast choice.

Poached Eggs On Toast

1 slice of sprouted wheat toast
1 t. organic butter
1 omega egg
1 T ground flax seed
1 T raw seeds or nuts
1 piece of fruit – organic, local and in season preferable

Toast and butter the bread, then cut it up into little squares.  

Cook the egg according to your poachers directions or your preferred method and then place the egg on top of the toast bites.  Cut it up into bites, top with flax and seeds and then mix it up so the yolk gets evenly spread throughout the toast bites.  Add a little salt and pepper and enjoy.

Make sure to include a piece of fruit, a salad or some veggies for the live portion of you meal.  The protein is found in the eggs and seeds and the omegas in the eggs, flax and sprouted bread (if your sprouted bread has flax in it).

Before you eat, take an enzyme and some omega and your all set.

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