childhood friend

My father in law was here this weekend and we were watching the baseball playoffs.  I am not a baseball fan so much.  I’m more of a basketball fan.  Don’t get me started on the Sonics.  I digress.

Anyway, we’re watching the game and the announcer says the name ‘Coco Crisp’.  I’m like ‘Woah Woah, what did he say?’ and my father in law is like ‘yeah, that’s his name’.

My first thought was ‘Who names their kid that?’ and then I started thinking about a girl I knew when I was a child.  A friend of mine had a little sister named Ginger Snapp.

I did find out that Coco’s real name is Covelli and that kids teased him as a child calling him Cocoa Crispies, but that when he started playing professional baseball, the name Coco Crisp just stuck (The Boston Globe).  Guess we can’t blame his parents for that one.

But, like my childhood friend’s parents, there are many who do name their children these things.  I can’t help but wonder why?  Are they trying to set their kids up to be teased and harassed their entire childhoods?  As a parent, I just can’t believe that is the case.  But then why?

Do you know or know of anyone with such a name or have any insight on what would drive a parent to choose such a name?  I would love to hear your take.