This is a cover and cross reading, using the first 10 trumps and the I-X of Cups, examining my heart’s desire.

The Spread

For this reading we will be using the following cards…

I-X Trumps (Major Arcana)
I-X Cups

The spread is a cover and cross layout. Shuffle the trumps and cups seperately and them deal up the top cups card in the covers position and the top major arcana card in the crosses position.

The Question: How am I doing in my love life?

The Cards:

Covers: III Cups
Crosses: XI Justice

The Answer: This indicated you come to a mutual agreement. Raise your hand if you’re sure. [HUH?]

Examination of the cards

III Cups

My take: A pyramid of three cups sit amid a party atmosphere. Masks and beads lend to a feeling of mardigra. Letting loose, free wheeling, having fun, spending time with friends.

The card: Celebrations, good fortune, social rituals (weddings, births, deaths etc), beware of overindulgence.

XI Justice

My take: A woman with no eyes, wearing armor, hold a set of scales. The sky is dark and stormy and scales contain bright lights. Everything is in balance. A resignation to what may be may be. You are armed and ready, although you may not totally see what is coming yet.

The card: Justice, fairness, making the world a better place, fighting for the little guy, beware of being too judgmental.

Reading Analysis

I am always so off with the Justice card. It confuses me that a card that appears so often for me, just doesn’t resonate or stick me. I guess it could also just be that it speaks to me in a different way. I always want to think of it as balance instead of justice and fairness. Hmm, we will have to keep our eye on this one.

As far as the cards go, my marriage is very much about fairness and teamwork and working together to better our lives and positively influence those around us and this weekend we had two parties and saw many people we love.

Really, never anything too dramatic when it comes to my love life. My husband and I are solid. We are best friends, comfortably intimate and truly a team. We love each other deeply and just like being together. I can’t even imagine not walking through life with him. We are truly lucky.