I know, I know, he’s only 18 months old, but it was still very exciting.  After the whole poop in the tub incident, I have been watching Ian for signs that he may need to go potty while he is in the tub.  Well,  he grabs himself, of course.  So a couple of times while I was still a little jumpy, (understandably so, right?) I would pull him out of the tub and put him on the potty, because I had read on some forum somewhere that that had worked for someone.

Well,  lately he has been wanting to sit on the potty whenever he gets out of the tub.  He is also a total menace in the bathroom and he is getting old enough that the bathroom can’t just simply be off limits so I needed something to distract him away from all the no nos in the bathroom.  

The worst is the toilet brush.  Those brushes are nasty and I really wish there was some alternative.  I have been looking, but haven’t really found a suitable alternative.  I am going to start using baking soda and vinegar and see how it goes though because I just read way too much on the chemicals in toilet cleaners.

Oh yeah,  Ian and the potty.  

I decided that I would buy him his own little potty.  I put it in the bathroom and now he has something to do and concentrate on rather than the nasty toilet brush and flip up garbage can.  It has been working like a charm for the last two days.  Karli even got a great pic of him brushing his teeth on the potty this afternoon.


I wasn’t really thinking about him actually using the potty.  He’s very little still after all.  But, tonight after his bath, he climbed out of the tub and went right over to his potty and sat down and refused to get up.  So, I sat down and started talking to him about using the potty and how if he needed to go potty, he could point it down and just go.  

After a few minutes I was ready to move on and trying to distract him with all sorts of talk of milk and stories and jammies. I finally coaxed him off the potty and lo and behold, there it was.  A significant puddle. Frenzy ensues.  Karli ran to get a bite of brownie from the kitchen (they get a treat for using the potty, right?) and I wrapped him in his towel and smothered him with kisses and praise.

Ahh,  there is a light.  He will eventually grow up and learn to do things for himself.  He will eventually learn how to follow some rules and take to some structure.  

A pretty cool moment, I have to say.