I have been a little absent for the last week or so, somewhat due to the fact that summer just boggles my mind.  I always wonder how we are going to fill the days and we strategize about how to best take advantage of the summer with trips and bbqs and house projects and then all of a sudden the summer is booked solid and half over.  It gets so busy…  How does that happen?

But the main reason for my absense has been the sickness that has run rampant through our household for the last week.  I got a really bad cold at the beginning of the week and then by tuesday Ian was throwing up.  As the week went on we both got sicker and sicker.  Mine was manageable under normal circumstances, but with him being almost scary sick, I never got the chance to rest and get better and by friday afternoon I was just in tears.  I was so damn tired I couldn’t think straight.  Thank god my mother arrived later that day and did a really impressive job of knowing exactly what would help me the most and make me feel better.  Thank-you Mom!

Ian has never  been this ill.  He is generally a really healthy kid.  I am pretty sure he got rotavirus, a very common childhood illness but it also could have been viral gastroenteritis (although none of the rest of us got sick so I doubt this).  It says that almost every child will get rotavirus by the time they are three and that in parts of the world it can be a significant cause of childhood death.  Scary and I can see if you didn’t have resources or access to decent healthcare that this could turn into something very significant for many children.

I remember Ada had this when she was about eight months old and both Karli and I got it as well.  I have also heard from several friends on their first kids that they have gotten it along with their kids recently.  Must be going around.  From what I read, you usually will not get it again or if you do it will be very mild.  When you do get it again it is often due to a new strain, which would make sense why we get it when we have kids as I am sure the strain has changed since we were kids.

So days of fever and puking and diarhea came and went and Ian aquired one nasty case of diaper rash.  Ooh, it was ugly.  We tried everything we had left over in the house and nothing was helping and he was experiencing a significant amount of discomfort.   Finally I remembered that I had heard someone at a baby shower recently talking about this amazing diaper cream you could get by asking the pharmacy.

Unfortunately I didn’t remember what it was called.  So I sent Karli to talk to the pharmacist who looked at him funny and said Uh a lot.  But finally she gave him a tub of cream called Calmoseptine.  It contains 20% zinc oxide, which is significantly higher than your average diaper cream.  It also contains menthol, calomine and lanolin among other things.

Well, let me tell you, it totally worked.  Within 24 hours the rash was really starting to look better and was all but gone in a couple of days.

I’m not sure that this was exactly what was recommended at the baby shower, but I know that I can now fully recommend it.

Mom Tip:  Calmoseptine Diaper Rash Ointment

for persistent, severe, and painful diaper rash

At our pharmacy we had to speak with the pharmacist to get this stuff, but it does appear that it is available at amazon so it may vary from place to place where you will find it.

A friend of mine was having problems transitioning her son off his bottle.  She had waited a little longer than recommended and he was very attached to it.  I think this is a very common situation for many of us. 

I shared with her a product I had found that helped me to transition Ian off the bottle and it seemed to work well for her so I thought I would share it with you as well.

Mom Tip — 9oz Nuby No Spill 3-Stage Bottle

This bottle has handles like a sippy cup and two types of nipples.  One regular bottle nipple and one soft no-spill sippy cup shaped nipple.

When you start your transition,  you can give him the regular bottle with the handles so he gets used to hold it himself (assuming you are starting at this stage).

Then you can change out to the sippy nipple and he will learn the different feel of that and how to drink effectively from a cup in a form factor that is still familiar to him.  

My friend and I both found that a little while of this and our boys were ready and quite willing to switch entirely to a cup.

One of the major things for Ian is that he really liked cuddling up with his milk and snuggling on my lap while he drank.  I highly encourage you to keep up whatever your bottle routine is when switching to a cup.

Ian still snuggles in for his warm before bed milk.   He is growing up so fast and is always so busy that I cherish this time with him.  I smell his head and it reminds me of when he was still a baby.  How quickly they grow up.

9oz Nuby No Spill 3-Stage Bottle

Although I was coming to loath the baby mullet, I find myself mourning it a little. Although he is absolutely adorable (of course), a little bit of his bad boy persona went with that mullet. The stylist looked puzzled as I kept saying “not too conservative please”. Who am I?

But, he is like the grubbiest, no care in the world, trouble making menace I have ever met and it is just so damn endearing (well most of the time). He deserves more than the average 1 year old do. But, guess what, that really doesn’t exist in “as short as you can go so I don’t have to come back any time soon”.

So, we went with the phohawk. This wasn’t really a choice. He has an obscene cowlick. “I’ve really never seen anything like it” was the comment from the stylest. It pretty much sticks straight up off the top of his head anyway. Poor little dude.

We took him to the same salon that we did for Ada’s ordeal and once again, I was impressed with their patience, speed and innovation. I highly recommend Fun Kuts in Lynnwood WA

Here are some before and afters…

The cute version of the baby mullet The not so cute version of the baby mullet

I love his hair in the picture on top, but it rarely looks like that, it usually looks like the photo on the bottom and that is not nearly as cute. If he has more of his sister’s natural curl I might have trimmed it a little and let it grow some more.

Here’s a couple of photos of the new do. The one on the left is the one they took at the salon. The flash and the red wall completely washed him, on top of his extreme paleness. But it does show what a perfect angel he was. The image on the right is in his favorite chair at home. This was the only one of 10 that wasn’t a complete blur. Oh, boys.

Have I mentioned I can’t for the life of me get his hair to stand up like that for more than about 30 seconds today. No product I have is working. I guess I will have to call and see what they used.

He looks pretty studly huh?