There are many times when the little pieces of wisdom learned from other parents, friends, teachers, grandparents, coworkers or whomever come screaming to the rescue. These bits of information that lie in the back of our minds are very valuable and should be openly shared and cherished between parents. It is our job as parents to support each other and we have so much knowledge and experience that we may never share with each other, but definitely show.

A couple of weeks ago some dear friends of ours were visiting for dinner. As you do when visiting with other parents we were sharing our little worries and goings on with our kids. It just happened that I had also recently dealt with similar issues as my youngest is just a few months older than her youngest. I was able to share a couple of products and experiences that turned out to really work for her. These same products were passed onto me from other moms who had dealt with similar situations in their pasts.

I also have a few lines of wise words that were shared with me by teachers of classes I have taken that have shaped who I am as a parent. I find myself sharing these with others regularly.

This is how is goes in the world of parenting and these things have inspired me to start a series of articles called Mom Tips.  Although I will be sharing my mom tips, I would also love to hear yours.  You can share in this discussion by commenting on individual posts with ideas or questions about that particular topic. Or if you have a mom tip or would like to discuss a new topic, I would encourage you to contact me with your mom tip or question and If it is appropriate for my readers I will post it to the Mom Tips article series. Just use the contact me form and make sure to include your website URL so that if I use it I can give you proper credit.

I really look forward to sharing in an open dialog about products, tips and words of wisdom that make us all the fantastic parents that we are.

A Cream That Works on Eczema

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When Ian was just a few months old he broke out in what I thought was a rash. He had patches of light pink bumps all over his body. I was not familiar with exzema and this didn’t look like the red raw patches I had seen on other kids with eczema

Treatment for Persistent Cradle Cap

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When Ada was younger, she had terrible cradle cap. Not your average cradle cap that most kids get, but persistent cradle cap that would not go away and lasted until I finally beat it when she was three.

The Wonders of Microfiber

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Mom Tip – Transitioning From a Bottle to a Cup

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A friend of mine was having problems transitioning her son off his bottle. She had waited a little longer than recommended and he was very attached to it. I think this is a very common situation for many of us.

I shared with her a product I had found that helped me to transition Ian off the bottle and it seemed to work well for her so I thought I would share it with you as well.

Mom Tip: Calmoseptine Diaper Rash Ointment

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So days of fever and puking and diarhea came and went and Ian aquired one nasty case of diaper rash. Ooh, it was ugly. We tried everything we had left over in the house and nothing was helping and he was experiencing a significant amount of discomfort. Finally I remembered that I had heard someone at a baby shower recently talking about this amazing diaper cream you could get by asking the pharmacy.

Mom Tip: Smelly Washer

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For months I had been complaining about how my towels smelled like mildew when I got out of the shower. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was causing it. I nagged Karli about not letting the laundry sit in the washing machine and I bitched about the bathroom fan not being effective enough, but no amount of bitching and moaning or even changes in habits seemed to fix the problem.

Kids Book Review: The Pink Refrigerator

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