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My name is Karin and I am a stay at home mom. I have two children, Ada and Ian, and a wonderful husband Karli. I love staying home with my kids and feel extremely fortunate that we have the means and opportunity for me to do so. I am also a very ambitious hard working woman and before I had kids I had a budding career in the internet industry. There is much more to me than just being a mother and wife and over the last couple of years I have lost sight of much of that. It is so easy, as a stay at home mom, to become buried in the day to day, to give everything of yourself to your family and to lose sight of who you are and what your dreams are and used to be.

I started this blog to share my journey back to a vibrant, productive and fulfilled person. When I quit my job and began my life as a stay at home mom, I was determined to find some way to earn a living and work from home. I am still dedicated to that cause but have learned a lot about the wrong way to go about that. I got all caught up in the network marketing scene and it was a nightmare. I was working my butt off, without any results and finally threw in the towel. Shortly after Ian was born, I shut down all of my businesses and dedicated myself to becoming the best mom and housewife I could.

Unfortunately a newborn and a toddler takes all the time a person has to do anything and my house and life have fallen into disarray and mayhem. I am so exhausted and feel like I have lost control of my life. So, it is time for me to take that control back. My plan is to slowly and step by step address the issues in my life that need addressing. Included, but not limited to, is getting my house in order and organized so I don’t have to spend all my time just managing the mess, losing the baby weight and getting my good health and self image back where it should be, being a better, more involved and happy mom who enjoys the time she spends with her kids and finally finding time and resources to carve out my personal niche in society.

My hope is through this process I will come out the other end as a stronger person with a personal path in life that lives in balance with my family. I hope also that maybe other moms (and dads too) may learn something from my journey and be inspired to start there own. There is no reason that parents must give up themselves to raise their children or give up raising their children to pursue their dreams. I believe there is a compromise here and I will find it, believe me.

The title of this blog comes from my web background. Just like a good website, our lives need to be constantly examined, evaluated and redesigned. I take on this process with an open mind and heart and invite you to join my journey and share with me and my readers about your personal rediscovery as well.

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