So, I was going to wait a little while before introducing you to The Diet Solution, which I have chosen as my long term nutritional plan.  The Diet Solution is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle and one that I feel very comfortable that I can maintain for a lifetime.

After realizing that The Gabriel Method just wasn’t going to be structure enough for me, I went searching for a slightly more structured eating plan that followed the same principles.  Where I landed is with Isabel De Los Rios and The Diet Solution.

I have been adjusting the The Diet Solution way of eating and have felt great.  The Diet Solution combines sound nutritional advice with customizations for your metabolic type.  I am a protein and have found changing what I eat to cater to this has been really beneficial.  I feel energyzed and my afternoon slugs have almost dissapeared entirelly.  She has taught me to listen to my body for what foods it likes and doesn’t like and this has made a big difference.

Because I had been concentrating for so long on weight loss with a lot of disappointment, I took a break from weight loss being my goal and concentrated on changing over to The Diet Solution way of eating and learning to enjoy exercise and cherishing my time doing so.  I have also been concentrating on learning those things about myself that keep me from truly committing and pushing past them.

But now I am really ready to make significant change and I needed a kick start, something to shake up my metabolism and get the system running again, so when she recommended Joel Marion’s Extreme Fat Loss Diet as a way to do just that, I jumped at the chance and am now on day two of my 25 day extreme fat loss program.

It’s the fast day and I just really started getting hungry and it’s about noon, only another 10 hours to go, Ughh.  I went to the gym this morning and will do my strength training this afternoon and then I have swim class tonight.   Although it is a lot, it is seamlessly working with my schedule so that is great.

Anyway,  Isabel sent an email out this morning saying that she has put together a video to support people in keeping to her well defined healthy eating habits while still be able to complete the 25 day Extreme Fat Loss Diet.  I am so excited about this.  She is going to talk about how to manage the different eating styles and how to enjoy the cheat day while still keeping away from harmful chemicals, bad fats and other things that are just generally unhealthy.

Because of this, I wanted to share The Diet Solution with you a little early so that anyone interested could take full advantage of the extra personalization and coaching that Isabel is offering to people who follow The Diet Solution.  I believe that these two programs combined are a powerful match and will produce amazing results for me and you as well.

Here are both the Products for you to take a look at.

Extreme Fat Loss Diet

Joel is still offering $30 off during the pre-sale, but this will end in the next day or so.

The Diet Solution

This is an audio/video presentation so make sure you have your speakers on :)

In order to access the special support video, I had to email my Extreme Fat Loss Diet receipt to The Diet Solution and they will send out a link to the video when it is available later this week.   If you have any problems with the process, just let me know and maybe I can help facilitate.

Update: Once you have purchased both products, email your receipt for Extreme Fat Loss to with “Joel’s Bonus” in the subject line.  This will sign you up to receive Isabel’s coaching for the Extreme Fat Loss Diet.

2 Responses to Extreme Fat Loss and The Diet Solution

  • Lee says:

    Hello “Redesigned Mom”,

    Was looking for some information for a friend and happened upon your blog about weight-loss and The Gabriel Method. I’m really sorry that it didn’t work for you. But, then, for all our likenesses as fellow human beings, we certainly are different!!!
    I just thought I’d share a bit my experience….and I hope your eyes don’t glaze over, because it’s not a short read!!! LOL

    I started my journey Sept 3, 2009. My school has a weightloss competition each semester. So, that was my “this time” motivation. I’d already tried and failed the previous Spring.
    My history:
    Have been on/off diets since age 10 and actually hit 256 in ’07, but lost 22 lbs later that year by, of all things, eating breakfast.

    My stats:
    Age: 55
    Height: 5’7″
    Starting Weight: 230.4 (as of 09/03/2009)

    During the first 12 weeks, I lost 16 lbs., which I credit to the visualization and the CD track — I wasn’t getting into SMART mode or other mental activities. I DID add the flaxseed meal (was not new to it, but started eating it daily), fish oil caps, a multi, and probiotics. Also, I WAS mentally and verbally adding God to anything I repeated/thought because, while reading the book, I was constantly aware of the absence of any mention of God except for Jon’s single mention of a “higher power”. And, yes, I understand the likely reason for this omission.

    Somewhere during that first 12 weeks, I stopped putting dressing on my school-made salad, but continued everything else the same. Jon said to not ignore cravings, so, I decided that I would give myself permission to indulge in any craving that came along. For me, that meant that I still was eating a 3.7 ounce bag of Grandma’s Vanilla Creme Mini Bite cookies (from our snack machine — 502 calories) mostly 2 times a week…mmmmmm…, though I’d probably tapered off to only 1/week during weeks 11 and 12.

    I found on 12/08/2010…free site with their MyPlate feature for tracking food and choosing a calorie goal for weightloss. I made one change right then: cut 300-400 calories from this dish I ate frequently. I lost 7+ lbs over the next 10 days and with a 10.2% loss, missed winning the fall competition by 3 tenths of ONE PERCENT…UGH!!!

    I tracked my food over the holidays except when out of town, even when I went to parties, and even if I went over my calorie goal. I lost 1.2 lbs between final “fall ’09” weigh-in and the initial “Spring ’10” competition weigh-in.

    I joined a gym mid-Jan (’10) … starting with light cardio and adding strength-training about 3 weeks later, because I know from experience that it gives you a trimmer shape with each pound lost.

    I still visualize each night with the CD. My last craving was Feb. 15 when I’d stopped at a mini-mart for a c/f diet soda and saw the Grandma’s cookies at the end of the aisle. I bought the 390-calorie sleeve. I saved them for “home”, but they’ve been on the breakfast bar, unopened, since then…though I picked up the package today to get the weight info to share on Livestrong and noticed that the “best sold by date” was May 4th…LOL!!!

    Final weigh-in was May 20th. I won the competition with a weight of 172.4 — a 15.65% weightloss for this semester. My total loss from Sept. 3 to May 20 was 58 lbs (or, 25.19%). With only a cranky dial scale at home since then — school’s out where I work — I didn’t get to weigh myself accurately May 27th. I bought a scale Tuesday…digital…and this morning…my usual OFFICIAL weigh-in day…and was at 169.6. So, my total loss to date is 60.8.

    Interestingly, from April 13 to May 29, I only got to get ANY exercise 7 times because I have a major tendonitis in my right foot/ankle area. But, I’ve never stopped listening to that 22-minute CD track at night and all the other previously mentioned things. I started back to regular exercise Sunday (5/30/10).

    So, between The Gabriel Method and, I’m a new person. I’m still constantly amazed that I have no cravings. But, after reading a lot about Omega 3, I’ve learned that one of the things that Omega 3s does for the body at the cellular level is improved the integrity of the cell membrane, and, so, supports optimum permeability into/out of the cell…so, nutrition meant for the cell actually makes it INTO the cell. So, that and the fact that I still give my permission to indulge any craving — and a lot of prayer — are what I believe have ended my cravings.

    It’s been a great journey…and it’s not over yet. I’m on my way to 140…or there abouts…and know that I’ll get there. This time is sooooo different from every other!!! I’m having a great time.

    God bless and much success to you with The Diet Solution. I hope that it’s what brings you the success that the Gabriel Method and have brought to me!!!


  • admin says:

    Hello Lee,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. That is so incredible. Congratulations and keep it up. There is no doubt that you will reach your goal.

    I keep trying and although nothing seems to be working for me, I know this is because of me and my mental and emotional commitment and the stress and pressure I put on myself. I think The Gabriel Method is a great program and am so glad to hear about your success.

    I have learned so much about nutrition over the last year and I have finally landed on a combination of many of the things from the different programs I have tried and learned about that I know will be a life long way of eating and that makes me happy. So right now, I am going to concentrate on that and training for my triathlon in September. That will need to be enough for now.

    I am glad that you mentioned the cd and visualizations because they are so important. I have been thinking about going back to listening every day and your have inspired me to make that happen for myself.



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