It’s very exciting, my blog is now carbon neutral!

A blog with an average of 15,000 visitors a month emits about 8lbs of CO2 per year.  The CO2 absorption of a tree is around 11lbs per year.

A team of people in Germany have started an initiative called “Make it Green”.  Their goal is to raise awareness of the impacts of carbon emissions and to contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of what parts of our lives contribute to our carbon footprint and how much.  This was new information for me and as a web developer, I imagine that my footprint is quite a  bit larger.  I am happy to know that my carbon footprint just got a little smaller and I look forward to learning more small steps that I can take to further reduce the carbon emissions that I output.

In return for helping them spread their message (by writing this post and adding their very nice badge to my site) they are going to plant a tree in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California. Over 88,000 acres of this forest were affected by wildfires in 2007 and the “Make it Green” folks are helping this forest to reestablish itself.

Learn more about the project

Do you have a blog?  Participate in the Project

This has inspired me to take it one step further.  I develop websites for small businesses and I now plan on making a donation to plant a tree in their name upon the completion of their projects.  This way every site I produce will also be carbon neutral, at least until they get super successful and we have to plant a few more trees!

I encourage you to take this time around Earth Day (April 22) and find a way that you too can make an impact around you.  Happy Earth Day!

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  • Amy says:

    You’re awesome! My blog is not public (or at least I’m not trying for public readership), so I don’t get too many visitors, but I want to do this to my blog too. I think I’ll sign up on Earth Day. Thanks for the tip.amy

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