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  • amazon kindle says:

    I’m considering about obtaining the Amazon Kindle 2. I’ve study tons of reviews and am wondering what you’ve to say about it. The Kindle sounds like an awesome notion. Saving trees, saving dollars, not losing your spot, print size adjust, as well as the notes function. So what do you believe? Must I get it?

  • admin says:

    Personally, I prefer to read a book. I like the tactile aspects of feeling a book in my hand. I also love that every available shelf space in my house is covered with books I have read and I like to see the pile of books by my bedside waiting for me to pick them up and devour them. Reading to me engages the pleasure senses, and although the Kindle does a great job of enabling a good reading experience on a screen, nothing really compares to holding a book and turning the pages.

    With that said, I think the Kindle has done a great job of customizing the experience for reading on a screen. People are all jazzed about the ipad, but reading on a backlit computer screen is terribly strenuous on your eyes and I certainly wouldn’t want to do it. Not that the iPad isn’t cool, of course it is, but if reading a book is your goal then Kindle is the obvious choice. The screen was created with only reading in mind and for that purpose, nothing can beat it.

    And you can get your favorite blog content as well in an easy on the eyes format, so if you read many blogs or magazine content daily, this would also be a good investment.

    You can even read this blog on your Kindle. Check it out!

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