Well, nothing earth shattering here but I thought it might be time that I post some photos. This is really hard for me, putting myself out there for the world to look at, but what the hey — here we go.

As I have said many times, I am not all of a suddenly skinny nor have I dropped three pant sizes, but I do feel different and my body is starting to change and I think that the pictures show some of that.


July 2009

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6 Responses to The Gabriel Method – July Results – Photos

  • Missy says:

    The pictures do show a difference, congratulations. Also thank you for “putting yourself out there”. I appreciate your willingness to share your journey.

  • Melinda says:

    Your doing great and you can clearly see the progress. Getting rid of negative self talk is the hardest part of anything especially if you fear the result. So what you haven’t lost three pants sizes and the weight hasn’t “melted off”….you look great and feel better and that’s all that matters. Its actually better than the people that drop the weight fast and then can’t maintain and gain back the weight and more. Keep up the great progress and keep up your great blog.


  • Meegan says:

    Hi Karin, Meegan from NZ here. Your photos show a definite change, really toning up and changing shape – that’s fantastic, well done. Keep up the good work! I’ll be watching for more progress shots.


  • Lynn says:

    Wow! I see a real difference! You look GREAT! I just started the book and was poking around the net looking for some success stories and found you – and you are WELL on your way to being just that! Well done!

  • prettybluff says:

    I’m glad you are doing this – you are a great inspiration.

  • Ingrid says:

    Hi there, I can totally tell a difference – you look more toned! It really seems to be working – thank you so much for putting your journey out there. I’m 5’2″ and about 20-25lbs over my ideal weight (all post baby two years ago). I’ve ordered the book; your blog makes me want to track my progress with photos too:) Thanks again for blogging!

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