It seems like this week has been the week of small realizations.  I was looking in the mirror this morning, washing my face, and I noticed that something was different.  I stared at myself for a few moments and realized that my skin was looking better than it has in years.

The dark circles under my eyes are lightening up and there was a few sun/age spots on the side of my face that are fading as well.  A lot of the redness is gone too, leaving my complexion more even.

I only wear makeup when I look in the mirror and say “wow, I really need to cover that up”  or when I’m going out.  When I thought about it I couldn’t remember putting makeup on, outside of last friday when I went out with a friend, in several weeks.

A little bit of a tan helps as well, but I continue to be pleased with all the effects The Gabriel Method is having on me.  Now if we could just get those pounds to start flying off.    In good time.

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  • soulmumma says:

    sounds like things are all falling into place… I’m sure the weight loss will follow. Keep up what you’re doing, move a bit and work on the head stuff! Great work! sm

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