A friend of mine was having problems transitioning her son off his bottle.  She had waited a little longer than recommended and he was very attached to it.  I think this is a very common situation for many of us. 

I shared with her a product I had found that helped me to transition Ian off the bottle and it seemed to work well for her so I thought I would share it with you as well.

Mom Tip — 9oz Nuby No Spill 3-Stage Bottle

This bottle has handles like a sippy cup and two types of nipples.  One regular bottle nipple and one soft no-spill sippy cup shaped nipple.

When you start your transition,  you can give him the regular bottle with the handles so he gets used to hold it himself (assuming you are starting at this stage).

Then you can change out to the sippy nipple and he will learn the different feel of that and how to drink effectively from a cup in a form factor that is still familiar to him.  

My friend and I both found that a little while of this and our boys were ready and quite willing to switch entirely to a cup.

One of the major things for Ian is that he really liked cuddling up with his milk and snuggling on my lap while he drank.  I highly encourage you to keep up whatever your bottle routine is when switching to a cup.

Ian still snuggles in for his warm before bed milk.   He is growing up so fast and is always so busy that I cherish this time with him.  I smell his head and it reminds me of when he was still a baby.  How quickly they grow up.

9oz Nuby No Spill 3-Stage Bottle

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