Over the last couple of days, I have been updating the site and adding some new features.  Here are some details and some new stuff to check out.

  1. On the right, where that obnoxious ad used to be is now a box of the same size that contains information about the book I am currently reading and the book I have just completed.  I am really behind on my book reviews and I will try to get caught up on those over the next couple of days. You will notice that there are are little comments under the books in the box on the right.  Those are my comments, not some random comments pulled from amazon.  Hover over the book and see the lowest prices available from Amazon and whether it is available for your kindle.  Click on the book to get additional information and read more reviews on the Amazon site.
  2.  I have completely re-categorized the site into a smaller number of categories.  I am letting tags act as detailed subcategories.  I am hoping that this will make content easier to find.  If you come across any broken links or page not found errors, please let me know.
  3. I have also added a new section to the right sidebar called “Make sure to See”.  Here I have some featured content and have highlighted some subcategories of content that I think might be worth checking out.
  4. Finally, I have some content that naturally lends itself to a “series” of articles and am planning on starting a new thread of posts that would do this as well, so I added a tab at the top to highlight those “Article Series”.  New posts in these series will appear on the site as usual, but will be added to these highlight pages so they are easily found all together.  Currently in that section are the “Mom Tips” series and my “Self Inventory” tarot readings.  Make sure to check back soon as I will be starting a new health and nutrition series in the next couple of days.

I hope that you enjoy the new content and find the site easier to use.

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