With one cutting canine teeth and the other finally realizing that her little brother is sticking around and will continue to take attention away from her, I find myself relishing the cute things they do.  If I didn’t, the whining and complaining and acting out might drive me into some deep dark level of madness.

But, they are just the cutest damn thing you have ever seen.  How he snuggles into my lap and takes my hand and rubs his head just how he likes it.  How she looks at me with those big blue eye and demands milk and then catches herself  “Can I please have some milk mama?”, she says with a sly smile.  How he spins around until he falls down and jumps up and down with the imagination movers.  How she is so proud of her extraordinary coloring skills.  How he curls up with Pella in the giant new dog bed.  How she scrunches up on the couch in the morning, her little bum sticking right up in the air.

I could go on and on and on and on.  They have this very special way of driving you crazy and melting your heart at the same time.  These are the times when I realize how much I love this job.

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