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Amazon.com Widgets

I was on the Amazon associate website today and found this very cool widget. How fun, to share the music I am listening to right now. My taste in music travels with my mood and therefore varies considerably from day to day and week to week. 

This week I have been feeling unable to choose for myself and in need of an energy boost, so what better to serve that purpose than the top tracks play list at Rhapsody. That’s why you will find the latest in club rage on this week’s list. This is a little outside the norm for me, but I genuinely enjoy each one of them.

Also on my list is the lovely Sara Bareilles. This is hands down my favorite album of the year. Don’t be put off by the overplaying of “Love Song”, although I have to say that I still am enjoying that song, it’s actually one of Ada’s favorites. But, this whole album is really amazing. Her voice resonates in your head long after your done listening. The song “Between the Lines” that is in the above widget will go on my all time favorite lists. I do have to admit that part of that is because her range matches mine and this song is just so much fun to sing.

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