That’s right, I said poop. And oh, I would have given my left foot for it to have been the notorious floater.

We just returned from a weekend at Karli’s parents in Idaho so travel, and all the foods eaten this weekend that were outside of his norm, just put his bms on the fritz.

Have you got a good image yet? Yeah, chunky, loose, undigested food, the whole thing. Nasty.

Now, I have no poop aversion. I have two kids. You don’t have kids without getting over poop being gross, but I have to say this was the worst, most disgusting thing I have had to do in a very long time.

I can’t even go into the details, it just shouldn’t be said out loud.

Karli just looked over at me and asked me what the grimace on my face was all about. I guess it still curls my nose.

Gotta say though, the tub’s never been so clean.

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