Today was the Washington State Primary and I am a dedicated voter, so I packed the kids up and headed down to the local elementary school.

I have to say that this is the least prepared I have ever been going into the voting booth and I have a strict policy of not voting on things I know nothing about.  So,  I only voted on a couple of items.

My first and foremost reason for voting today was that my friend’s dad is running for King County Superior Court Judge and I wanted to make sure to support him.  Vote Nic Corning.

I also wanted to make sure and cast a vote for Christine Gregiore because that Dino Rossi character scares me to death and his current messaging is pretty convincing to those not really aware of what he is all about.

I go to the polls to vote as it makes me feel connected in my community and I think it is a good lesson for my kids (well, just Ada right now).  They keep telling us they are going to take this right away and make us all vote absentee, but it still hasn’t happened.  It’s not like I am up in arms or anything, it just makes me sad.

What’s next?  Voting by text message, like American Idol?

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