For this reading I will be using I-X of Wands to ask about work related issues. This again will be a numerology based question, identifying the wand card that represents the best kind of work for me to do.

This is the big question of my year, so I am interested to see what this one has to say.

The setup: Add the values of your first initial and last name, reducing down to one number. A=1 B=2 etc.

K. Reece
11+18+5+5+3+5 = 47 = 11 = 2

II Wands

The answer: You will be inclined to change jobs and your mind frequently until you find what you really want to do with your life. This will come to you eventually and remember, looking is half the fun. You will enjoy anything that includes long term planning or dealing with people at a distance. Watch for some news from a distance.

Funny enough, there is a little side note at the bottom of this card’s answer that says that if your card in reading #1 is the Hermit (which mine is, weird) that I should consider going on a retreat, taking a class or seminar or continuing my education.

My take on this card: There are two windows side by side with steps leading between them. Through the windows you can see off into the distance, one with red clouds, one with blue clouds. The windows are surrounded by stars and space. The impression is that this is leading to somewhere far off and that there is a choice of two paths, one very different from the other. Two wands flank the beginning of the path, almost standing guard.

The card: Power held in reserve while evaluating options. The two of wands is a card of power, but we hold onto it because although we know we want to move forward, we haven’t got the plan fully laid yet. We wait until the decision between the windows has been made to fully use this power.

Reading Analysis

This reading doesn’t surprise me at all as I am currently standing, looking at the windows, waiting for the big reveal. I am collecting my power and know that sometime soon, my path will reveal itself to me. I always need to remind myself that the journey is just as important as the outcome and that patience is critical as timing is everything.

Yesterday was my birthday and my friend did a reading for me and it is really interesting that the reading told that I needed to get my poop in a group, build my power and be prepared to make a commitment that would lead me to what I am supposed to be doing. It’s funny that this is a numerology reading as that takes any timing out of the reading, yet this is so timely. The reading also said that I would need some additional schooling of some sort in order to follow this path. Interesting.

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