This reading will you a three card spread to discover about certain events and time. I will be using the same cards as in previous readings. I-X Major Arcana Cards.

Shuffle and deal out the top three cards from left to right.

My question: When will I figure out what my passion and purpose are?

My Cards:

II Priestess
III Empress
XI Justice

The Answer:

The prospects for the future may reach its natural conclusion by the Fall Equinox

Well, that’s promising.  Fall is when I have often felt that my life would start moving in a more dicisive direction.  Ada starts school five mornings a week and Ian will be a little more independent and I will have time to take on a little more.  Right now, I am terribly underwater with just the kids and the house and trying to find time for a little fun.  This will also give me some more time to finish this analysis and complete some other soul searching and self learning tools that I will write about at another time.

The Cards:

II Priestess

My take: This is a very mystical card.  A woman holds a sphere, eyes closed, asking for the answers.  The moon is out and it is dark.  Candles are burning, a scroll is on the table reading “Darkness into darkness, the key to all mystery”.  Although this seems like a pretty dark card, I feel a very positive energy coming from it.  This is a card of psychic abilities and knowing the questions to ask.  She is beautiful and strong.

The card:   The priestess represents the path to our subconscious.  The darkness of the card represents our fear of the knowledge our subconscious holds, or even the existence of it at all.  The two pillars on the card represent the duality of our conscious existence, always categorizing things as one way or the other. Our subconscious cannot be directly confronted but must be approached through meditation and openness.   Then and only then may we get a glimpse of what lays beyond.  The priestess is past the pillars, representing her move past the duality of consciousness.  She embraces the moon’s calming energy and is there to lead us through the tensions of our lives.  We are very lucky if her sphere shows us a little of what we are looking for.

This is a fitting card for this reading for me as I am trying to access my subconscious to help me understand my life path, passions and purpose.

III Empress

My take: Mother nature, the natural progression of things.  Bringing things or ideas to life.  Abundance.  The empress represents the natural order of things.  Our ideas, loved ones, businesses and selves must be nurtured and carefully cared for.  We all contain and exude maternal instincts.

The card: Mothering, nurturing, raising, growing. Giving birth to a child or idea. Self-care. The woman in the card is half woman half tree and holds a glowing infant. The empress represents manifestation and bringing forth our creations into the light. The act of giving birth, gardening, landscaping, sharing ideas. Anything maternal – your mother, your maternal instincts. The need to provide a nurturing environment to that which needs tending, whether ourselves, our families, our business, our ideas.

XI Justice

My take: A armor clad bust holds a scale in perfect balance.  This represents our life in balance.  Tit for tat, legal matters.  There are lights emanating from the scales, maybe indicating a more cosmic way of looking at justice.  Karma?

The card: justice, fairness, judgment (and maybe too much of it), objectiveness.  The use of our belief system for the betterment of the world.  We must beware of being too judgmental, which is an easy place for the mind to go.  The figure of just is eyeless signifying the commitment to her cause.

Reading Analysis:

The priestess obviously signifies my journey to find my path in this life, which lies within my subconscious.  Because I was asking about time, the empress means that things will come about in their natural timing (be patient Karin) and because the empress has to do with maternal things, it is possible that my path has to do with or I am led their by my mom life.  Regarding justice, this card basically informed about the fall equinox as the time I can expect to learn something of significance.  I am not sure how they calculated that, as it wasn’t explained.  I wonder though if it may tell a little about what I may learn, when the time comes.  I guess we will only know once something happens.  I will update this post after the fall solstice.

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