This reading is based on numerology and identifies you as a card in the deck.

Add up the month, day and year of your birth…

June 1, 1973


Reduce to 1 number by adding again


IX Hermit

Me: A wise man sits in a meditative state far away from the rest of the world. He holds a staff with a brightly lit orb at the top like a beacon. He enjoys his solitude but his light calls to others to join him and learn from his wisdom. He must be careful not to stray to far.

Card: Self-imposed isolation. Examining actions and feelings in a rational manner in order to gain wisdom from them. The light signifies his ability to shine light on and darkest and most hidden parts of his mind. This introspection is a wonderful tool, but shouldn’t be an end point. Risks falling into escape rather than exploration. Relies solely on himself to reach the goal.

Book: The card of people who have grown wise. The ability to understand things. Loners of the world. You enjoy getting away and being alone, not only to relax but to meditate and be introspective. Your job is to hold up the light for others to follow. You must not retreat into your hermitage perminantly, but come back to share what you’ve learned with others.

What it means: I can totally see this as me. This is something I am very aware of in myself. I really have to push myself, for the sake of myself, my friends and my family to be present and social and aware of the rest of the world. I am a little socially anxcious and find large groups extremely uncomfortable and small talk unbearable. I am constantly examining my life, my actions, the actions of other and how they relate to me, what they mean, how to fully take advantage of all situations to push me further down my path. I am aware and active in keeping myself here and not allowing myself to escape into my head more than is productive. Having meaning to my presence in this lifetime is very important to me. Although I am still looking, I know that my way of giving back and contributing will reveal itself. I always find it funny how I can be so rational and so free in my associations at the same time. I guess this kind of explains it.

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