Well, today was caucus day. It was pretty exciting. I caucused at Lake Forest Park Elementary and there was a huge turnout. I would say about 400 people or so at our location.

Washington State Democratic Caucus - Lake Forest Park Elementary

I was talking with one woman that said last time she caucused there was around 10 or 15 people in our precinct that showed up to caucus. Today, our precinct had 98 people.

Our precinct leaned heavily for Obama with 70 people for Obama and 20 for Clinton and then a few undecided and 2 strong kucinich holdouts. Some of the undecideds ended up with Clinton and we ended with 4 Obama delegates and 2 Clinton delegates.

They didn’t announce the results from the other 6 precints that were caucusing at the same location but a couple had put signs up with numbers that also seemed heavily weighted for Obama. I saw one with 60 for Obama and 10 for Clinton.

As an Obama supporter this makes me very happy and proud to have been part of this process. This was my first time caucusing and I have to say, besides all the waiting around, it was pretty exciting. I even got elected to be delegate alternate #3.

I liked this process. I have always been a fan of voting at the polls and have held out till the last minute with the mail in voting that is soon becoming mandatory in King County. I like the community of it. I feel part of something and I think that is lost with mail in voting, but I do get why they do it.

Overall, caucusing was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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