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I just upgraded my Rhapsody account to Rhapsody to Go and oh my gosh, I just fell in love all over again. Within twenty minutes, my mp3 player was full of music. Just drag, drop and go. Anything you want. I am telling you, it is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

You see, Rhapsody offers the To-Go upgrade that allows you to transfer pretty much any song they have to your mp3 player. There is no individual track charge. The catch is that this is subscription content and you do not own it and it doesn’t live on your computer for you to do as you wish with it. When you delete it from your mp3 player, it is gone and if you want it again, you will need to transfer it again. The great thing about this is you can add, delete, change etc as much as you want.

Now, I am not one of those people that is all hung up on ownership. If you are, then Rhapsody in general is not the service for you, except they have a larger collection and cheaper prices for downloads than anyone else. I just don’t feel the need to own all the music I like. For those albums that I really like and want as part of my collection for years to come, I go and buy the cd. So for me, Rhapsody is just about perfect.

It is like walking into a record store and just listening to whatever you want. And now being able to take it with me is icing on the cake.

My only gripe, and it isn’t a gripe about rhapsody, is that it wouldn’t work with my iPod. This is one of the reason that it took me so long to upgrade my account. I had an iPod and it didn’t work. Well, it finally had been long enough and I could buy a new mp3 player and so I made sure to find one that is compatible with Rhapsody. I went with the Creative Zen V Plus and I have to say, i don’t miss my iPod at all. It is sleek, very small (suprisingly so) and has all the features I needed. There are many other players that work with Rhapsody available as well depending on your needs.

Now, this is not a problem with Rhapsody. Believe me, they would support the iPod if they could. The iPod does not support subscription content. Apple wants you to only be able to buy music from their store and play it in their format. It’s as simple as that.

This reading uses numerology to determine the card that represents this year in your life.

Add up the numbers of your last birthday.


And reduce to one number


VII Chariot

Me: A chariot with racing horses speeds across the card.  The card is predominantly water.  This says fluid motion to me.  Life is moving fast.  The waves breaking may indicate that is may be a bumpy ride.  There is an industrial looking structure in the background.  Something to do with work?  The clouds are dark and tumultuous.  The card seems dark in nature but the chariot, man and horses are all brightly illuminated making it seem like they are cruising easily through the obstacles around them.

Cards:  Moving forward with confidence and exuberance.  There is a tension between his youthful energy, lack of experience and confidence brimming on arrogance.  Careful attension must be paid to balancing the energies represented here. The structure in the background represents trying to construct a framework around oneself, placing things in context as a tool to help him navigate through life.

Book:  This is a time to overcome things.  The environment may seem unstable, but you have the ability to overcome.  Just stay on top of things, turn inward and muster your courage.  The opportunity to drive your own life.  Your efforts will produce swift and thrilling victories.

What it means:  Well this year has definitely been full of ups and downs and keeps plowing forward no matter how hard we try to reign it in.  It’s funny, because my husband’s job has been in limbo for going on six months now and although it has been a little scary, i have always had the utmost confidence that we would come flying out the other side into a better place.  This confidence has never wavered, even when things were looking really bad.  I am acutely aware this year, this website is proof to this, that I am in need of structure and direction.  I am ready to come out of my mommy hole and start moving forward with my own life as well.  Interesting.

This reading is based on numerology and identifies you as a card in the deck.

Add up the month, day and year of your birth…

June 1, 1973


Reduce to 1 number by adding again


IX Hermit

Me: A wise man sits in a meditative state far away from the rest of the world. He holds a staff with a brightly lit orb at the top like a beacon. He enjoys his solitude but his light calls to others to join him and learn from his wisdom. He must be careful not to stray to far.

Card: Self-imposed isolation. Examining actions and feelings in a rational manner in order to gain wisdom from them. The light signifies his ability to shine light on and darkest and most hidden parts of his mind. This introspection is a wonderful tool, but shouldn’t be an end point. Risks falling into escape rather than exploration. Relies solely on himself to reach the goal.

Book: The card of people who have grown wise. The ability to understand things. Loners of the world. You enjoy getting away and being alone, not only to relax but to meditate and be introspective. Your job is to hold up the light for others to follow. You must not retreat into your hermitage perminantly, but come back to share what you’ve learned with others.

What it means: I can totally see this as me. This is something I am very aware of in myself. I really have to push myself, for the sake of myself, my friends and my family to be present and social and aware of the rest of the world. I am a little socially anxcious and find large groups extremely uncomfortable and small talk unbearable. I am constantly examining my life, my actions, the actions of other and how they relate to me, what they mean, how to fully take advantage of all situations to push me further down my path. I am aware and active in keeping myself here and not allowing myself to escape into my head more than is productive. Having meaning to my presence in this lifetime is very important to me. Although I am still looking, I know that my way of giving back and contributing will reveal itself. I always find it funny how I can be so rational and so free in my associations at the same time. I guess this kind of explains it.

I look around my house and all I see are all the things that need to be done. Beyond the cleaning that I can’t seem to keep up with, there are so many little projects that would make the house a much more livable, homey place and they are easy and inexpensive and would provide me with a sense of accomplishment.

So why do none of these projects ever get done. Laziness, busyness and exhaustion. These are my three main culprits when it comes to most productivity items. Well, as always, let’s start with a list. A list always puts things in perspective and at least breaks things down into doable chunks.

One day at a time, one item on the lists at a time.


  • Clean out and reorganize cabinets
  • Get rid of all the old Tupperware and replace with a smaller amount of higher quality food storage containers.
  • Put shelves in the pantry (currently wire racks and very wobbly for small items.
  • Organize and buy storage containers, dividers etc to help keep the pantry neat and organized.
  • Figure out how to clear some space on the work island (way too crowded)
  • Plan for kitchen remodel, plan A and plan B budgeted and spec out plan and materials.

Dining Room

  • Empty Ada’s piggy bank, count all the money and open a savings account for her.
  • Come up with and create some sort of storage solution for the corner. Needs to hold sewing stuff, magazines and spillover items
  • Clean out and reorganize the buffet drawers.
  • Paint the door threshold to the kitchen white.
  • New pads and covers for the dining room chairs
  • Give all the wood on the dining room table a good cleaning.
  • Whole dining living area needs warmth and hominess

Living Room

  • Measure and design new layout for new living room.
  • Pick color scheme and design elements
  • Shop for a choose furniture and styles
  • Figure out how to hang the TV and run the component wiring
  • Buy Couches
  • Buy additional furniture pieces
  • Buy Rug
  • Accessorize
  • Fireplace mantel – what do we need, design and spec out, buy materials and build
  • What new electronics are we going to need
  • How to minimize kids toys and such in the new scheme


  • Finish molding
  • Reorganize the bookshelf
  • Clamp/Bumper for gate
  • Clean out linen closet and make more functional for storing things we actually use
  • Photo Wall

Hall Bathroom

  • Clean out last cabinet
  • Minimize what needs to be in here. Way too cluttered.

Master Bedroom

  • Make or buy frames and find pictures to put on the wall.
  • Clean off the top of the dresser and eliminate need for so much clutter up there. Identify needs and fix problems.
  • Clean carpet

Master Bathroom

  • Don’t even get me started. Complete gut and remodel needed before usable.
  • Design, budget and spec out materials for remodeling project.

Ada’s Room

  • Sew white sheer curtains
  • Find second rod for her window
  • Set up way for her to hang things on that empty wall.
  • Sew bedskirt
  • Clean carpet

Ian’s Room

  • Clean carpet
  • Find a home for and get rid of rocking chair (maybe craigslist it as a set with the dresser?)
  • Make or buy one more comforter cover.
  • Closet organizer


  • Figure out dryer situation
  • Sweep/Vacuum floors and move/throw away all the stuff so not so cluttered any more
  • Design, spec and budget garage remodel project.
  • Explore adding to garage and making laundry room as option. Is this something we could do mostly ourselves.


  • Order bulbs and plants for front yard
  • Clean up beds and make them ready for planting.
  • Figure out how to clean up the middle by the tree.
  • What would it take to fill in the pond?
  • Finish filling pond with dirt from back yard
  • Measure and do good design drawing for deck. Order materials
  • Lighting.
  • Clean up play area and determine what improvements to that we are going to make this year.


  • Find more book storage solutions
  • Create file folder for construction project designs

Contruction Projects

  • Re-mold all the doors and windows
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Garage/Laundry remodel
  • Deck (Work has begun – We expect to be done by next week!!!!)
  • Landscaping
  • Hall Bathroom Remodel
  • Master bathroom remodel
  • Master bedroom closet (In progress)
  • Ian’s closet
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • New carpet for bedrooms
  • Storage space in attic

Wow, that’s a big list and I probably forgot several things.

I am in a constant search for a good to-do list tool. It’s harder than you think. Nothing seems to do everything that I need it to do.

I use iGoogle extensively, so for now I have found the best to-do list widget to use with that. I am using To-Do List with Google Maps from ScreeperZone. It has pretty good functionality and some really nice extra features. This widget is also available for netvibes and vista sidebar.

You can use headings and add subitems under each heading. You can prioritize your lists and add due dates as well as sort and print. Another really cool feature is that you can add businesses to your lists and attach google maps to them so that you can plan your errand routes or keep the name and location of a specialty store attached to your list. That’s really cool.

I am going to keep looking though and maybe even try to develop something myself. That would be a challenging project to work on and challenging projects are definitely part of my self improvement plan.

Well, today was caucus day. It was pretty exciting. I caucused at Lake Forest Park Elementary and there was a huge turnout. I would say about 400 people or so at our location.

Washington State Democratic Caucus - Lake Forest Park Elementary

I was talking with one woman that said last time she caucused there was around 10 or 15 people in our precinct that showed up to caucus. Today, our precinct had 98 people.

Our precinct leaned heavily for Obama with 70 people for Obama and 20 for Clinton and then a few undecided and 2 strong kucinich holdouts. Some of the undecideds ended up with Clinton and we ended with 4 Obama delegates and 2 Clinton delegates.

They didn’t announce the results from the other 6 precints that were caucusing at the same location but a couple had put signs up with numbers that also seemed heavily weighted for Obama. I saw one with 60 for Obama and 10 for Clinton.

As an Obama supporter this makes me very happy and proud to have been part of this process. This was my first time caucusing and I have to say, besides all the waiting around, it was pretty exciting. I even got elected to be delegate alternate #3.

I liked this process. I have always been a fan of voting at the polls and have held out till the last minute with the mail in voting that is soon becoming mandatory in King County. I like the community of it. I feel part of something and I think that is lost with mail in voting, but I do get why they do it.

Overall, caucusing was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

For X-mas my mom got me a subscription to Cooking Light Magazine. A couple of years back she bought me the The Best Of Cooking Light cook book and it is absolutely one of my favorites. I cook out of it more than any other cook book I own. The recipes are yummy and healthy and easy to tweak (that’s a big one for me).

Anyway, I was very excited when my first issue of Cooking Light arrived in Late December. As I started to look through it, I realized that this was not just a cooking magazine but a living better magazine. Right across the top of the cover it says “Eat Smart Be Fit Live Well”.

Well, this is a big part of this whole journey for me so I decided the each month’s magazine could be an inspiration for the health part of my quest. Let the fitness articles bring new workouts and exercises, the recipes bring new and healthier foods and the living articles bring inspiration for new projects and goals.

They also have a website expanding on some of the things in the magazine. This should be interesting to check out as well.

I am excited about this and looking forward to learning and sharing new things.