This week I have been establishing a family routine. I have done this in the past and although it has worked well for a little while, I always seem to fall astray and end up wading through days in a fuzzy delirium. I think this is due to two reasons.

First, I get into too much detail. I try to plan out every minute and what I should be doing at each point throughout the day. Although this is what my subconscious craves, we all know that with two small children I am just setting myself up to fail. So, this time I am using bigger chunks of time and more general ideas about what can happen during those times, also giving myself different options.

The second reason is as the kids change and my own circumstances change (I am working on a client’s site or not), either my schedule is not flexible enough to accommodate it or it needs to be changed entirely and I don’t do that and then it doesn’t work and we are back to square one.

So, this week I established a flexible routine that our days will follow so that the kids have predictability and stability in their day and I know what is coming next and have time set aside to do certain things. In some way, it makes me get more done. The wonder of lists. huh.

I am not saying that it is perfect and it will need to be tweaked and changed as circumstances change, such as I am expecting to start a project with a new client in late January or February or Ada’s school schedule changes in the summer or Ian stops taking a morning nap. I have test run it over the last couple of days and I think it is good for now, so here we go.

7:30 – 9:00 — kids get up, I shower, breakfast, get kids dressed and ready for morning activity

9:00-12:00 — Morning Activity. This varies from day to day. Some days it is school, some days it is some sort of class, some days it is staying home. I am working on a list of at home and outing morning activities. I would like to keep this either active or educational structured activity, not just laying around the house watching tv. Ian takes his morning nap during this time so it is a good chance to have time for just me and Ada or time for me to get some stuff done when she is at school.

12:00-2:00 — Lunch and hang out. These two hours seem to fly by for some reason so we are keeping it loose. When the weather starts to get nice, I am sure we will spend much of this time outside. One day a week i do grocery shopping during this time as well.

2:00-4:00 — Quiet time and Afternoon naps. Ada sometimes still naps so during this time I have instilled quiet time where she stays in her room for sometimes a portion of this time and sometimes all of it and plays by herself or takes a nap. Ian naps during this time. This is time for me to decompress. I really need it by this time of the day in order to be ready to roll for the evening and in a good place to have fun with them.

4:00-5:30 — Play time, Ian dinner and house cleaning.

5:30 -6:00 — Baths.  This doesn’t happen every day but most.

6:00- 6:30 — Ada Dinner, get Ian ready for bed

6:30- 7:30 — Daddy time with Ada. Ian to bed.

7:30 — Ada bedtime routine. To bed around 8:00.

This leaves a couple of hours for my husband Karli and I to have time together.

Thanks to Jo Frost, the Supernanny, for instilling in me the need for a structured routine for my kids.

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